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8 Factor and causes that can triggered CANCER cell activation, Number 4 will shock you! | Healthy Self-Love


We all know cancer is one of the 'silent killer' among us. According to the World Cancer Research Fund International lung and breast cancers were the most common cancers worldwide, and even the number of people suffering from this disease is increasing year by year.

The scary thing is many of us do not care about nutrition for our body and that causes the activation of cancer cells in our body

Therefore, let's get to know more deeply, among the causes that can 'activate' cancer cells in our body. It is important for us to avoid all that is listed below!

How does cancer start?

  • Food

Why is junk food bad for us.

Process food has many preservatives, flavorings, and dyes. Also, all the soda that contained sugar which we all already knew about it. Get used to drinking fruit juice or just a glass of water.

Ya, we know process food and junk food are delicious! But the deliciousness is only temporary, while cancer can kill. Even the plastic used in any hot dishes is definitely has a plastic interaction and may cause cancer. And if we notice people who usually eat at the store are more prone to addictive flavor and are more at risk for cancer. Never forget that home cook is the best for us, we can control all the ingredient that we want.

Less salt, less sugar, more fiber!

  • Genetic factors

When our family has cancer, to us it is likely to get a higher cancer rate of 50% compared with the people with no cancer family history. Families with a history of cancer need to be more careful. Always eat healthily and do a regular medical check-up at the hospital.

Do you know about your family history?

  • Environmental

Industrial areas or factories that overtake chemicals and toxic are also among cancer factors.

Secondhand smoke is the combination of smoke from a burning cigarette and smoke exhaled by a smoker. The longer you are around secondhand smoke, the greater the level of harmful substances in your body. Which increased the risk of developing lung cancer and lung disease.

  •  Microwave

Caution of microwave use is indeed a cause of cancer.

I can see western countries are aware of this issue and that is why microwaves are rarely used there and are also banned in some countries. Radiation from the microwave converts food DNA to carcinogenic primarily in cereal food.

For example, popcorn. It's ridiculous, right? But it contains chemical diacetyl toxins.

This chemical can cause lung cancer. The microwave is not really good! There is a study linking microwave to fertility problems, liver cancer, testicular and pancreas.

Dr.Andrew Weil also said the chemicals of the microwave causes a tumor.

  •  Cosmetic

The use of cosmetics can also cause cancer especially skin cancer. Content such as paraben and mercury are a toxin and cause cancer.

It is important to always check the cosmetic ingredient and look up for a product review!

  • Overweight

Obese people have a higher risk of not only getting high blood pressure, diabetes and even getting cancer like breast cancer, and bowel cancer. This is one of the main reasons you need to lose weight immediately.

Try consuming more fiber than junk food or process food. Do a healthy diet for a healthy body.

  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

The genetically modified organisms are involved with chemicals. This chemical is proven to enhance the growth of a tumor.

Nowadays, many foods can be categorized in GMO. We may not even know what we are eating. Pretty scary right?

Examples include conventional corn, soybeans, genetically modified fruits, and meat.

The best way is to select organic ingredients and plants grown without biotechnology or you can plant your own vegetable!

You will see the difference between your own plant vegetable and the one you purchased at the store.

  • Sugar

The higher the insulin, the faster the cancer cells grow.

Sweeteners rich in fructose like corn syrup have a lot of sugar. Other examples include cookies, cakes, pies, juices, and syrup.

Therefore, it is important for us to practice a healthy lifestyle. Remember, prevention is better than cure.
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