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5 Foods to avoid for pregnant woman | Healthy dietary changes for healthiest days ahead | Healthy Self-Love


Nutritious foods are very important for a pregnant woman, as they will affect maternal and fetal health

It is important for a pregnant woman to avoid the listed below. pregnant woman's food should contain a balanced diet, means that the food consumed should meet the nutritional needs of pregnancy in terms of type, quality, and quantity

Therefore, despite eating a lot but the food is not nutritious then it will not help optimum health.

If your diet is not good at first, making dietary changes by taking nutritious and balanced food is important. But as you take nutritious food, you should also know some foods or drinks that should be avoided during pregnancy.

These are 5 foods to avoid for the pregnant woman!

  • Raw or half cook food

If previously you are a hardcore raw food lover or half cook, I advised you to limit these habits during pregnancy. Hold just a little longer than touching this raw food.

There's study conduct that finds people who love to eat raw foods are more likely to expose to bacteria, viruses, and parasites. This potentially disrupts the development of the content during pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.

Soooo, you need to make sure that the food you are eating is clean and cooked perfectly. This is to reduce the risk of infectious diseases caused by raw and unclean food.

Again be reminded not to eat raw or half cook food. It is very harmful to your health and can bring a variety of bad complications. You may be suffering from a disease caused by parasites present in raw meat. These parasites not only exist in raw foods such as meat, eggs, and others, but also in non-wash and unclean vegetables.

  • Caffeine

Food intake or caffeinated beverages in little quantity actually does not harm any pregnant women or babies in the womb. It becomes harmful when taken in excess quantities over time.

Risks that may be affected by the content will occur at birth. Babies born to be at risk for underweight, premature birth or more severe mothers face at risk of miscarriage. This statement was issued by NHS Choices.

Caffeine is not only available in coffee but it can also be found in soda drinks, energy drinks or teas and beverages. So, the mother needs to be more careful when taking foods or drinks that are likely to contain high levels of caffeine

Drinking caffeine or caffeinated foods such as coffee, cocoa, soda, and other caffeinated foods or beverages will lead to the development of abnormal infants. It will also interfere with the growth of the baby and cause an abnormally or less severe weight at birth. Caffeine will also cause other complications to the mother as it will damage the body's calcium content.

The quantity of caffeine that should be restricted by a pregnant woman can only take as much as 200mg daily or 2-3 cups only. Caffeine becomes dangerous as it acts and quickly spreads into the placenta. It will bring various risks to the baby during pregnancy

  • Alcohol

Everyone knows alcohol is a big NO to a pregnant woman. It creates a risk for the baby to mental or physical disabilities.

Just drink a glass of low-fat milk if you are really thirsty.

  • Medicine

There must be a doubtful mother whether the medication can be taken or not during pregnancy, right? The doctor will advise pregnant mothers if the medication consumed is not appropriate during pregnancy and should be stopped

The doctor will replace with more appropriate medicine. Therefore, if you caught a fever, the pharmacy will ask if you are pregnant or not. However, always consult with your doctor before consuming any supplement or medicine.

  • High mercury seafood

Among the high mercury-seafood are tuna and big fish.

The reason this type of fish contains high mercury cause nerve damage to the baby. So, mothers need to be more careful!

In conclusion, intake of food is very important for the pregnant woman. It is advisable to seek advice from a doctor if you need to consume any medicines during pregnancy. We should know whatever food that is good for or what you need to avoid during the period. It is intended to keep your health in good condition and also safe for infants.

By the way, I am from the East Malaysian and I believe many of my readers are from the USA, UK, Canada, etc. Also, I believe that everyone has their story about Ancestors' advice on Prohibition of food during pregnancy or after birth. (Beside the listed above we do have another list about foods to avoid based on our ancestor advise) We do have a different view of everything, and I thought if you would like to know about our ancestor advise on the prohibition of food during pregnancy and after birth. Leave a comment just so I know that you're interested about it :) Thank you!
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