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7 Foods to avoid when you are on a DIET, Number 4 is most people are unaware of it | Healthy Self-Love


Everyone has a different body. Some people may be trying to gain weight while others have to take care of every meal they feed into their mouths because they want to lose weight. If you want to be healthier with your daily diet, avoid eating processed foods and grab more fresh foods.

There are about 7 examples of foods and beverages that you need to avoid in your daily diet to get a healthy and balanced diet. If you are one of those people who love to eat the food listed, try to reduce your consumption slowly. If you replace this food with a more nutritious and fresh diet, you can reduce the risk of some illnesses and health problems.

Listed are food that you should eliminate from your diet list. Don't forget to write it in your checklist for losing weight!

  • Soft drinks / Caffeine drinks

As we all know, soft drinks are fresh, sweet, and addictive. Most soft drinks contain high caffeine content that is often associated with killing diseases such as cancer, abnormal heartbeat, high blood pressure, etc.

Did you know drinking carbonated drink may result in bone disease (osteoporosis)?

  •  Flour

You should avoid white bread, cake, cookies any types of food that have been cooked/baked using flour or any product that contains enriched flour. 'Enriched flour' shows that the flour has been bleached and lost valuable properties. On the other hand, for a smarter move, you can buy whole-grain bread.


  • Instant Food / Beverage pack (Instant) / Instant seasoning

Nowadays everywhere we can see a wide variety of food and instant drinks. And this kind of food and drink is most often bought by most of us due to our busy schedule. So you need something simple and fast.

This instant food and drink also have a delicious taste. But do you think that most of these fast food have high salt content and flavor enhancers? While instant drink contains high sugar and creamer content.

With these foods and beverages consuming, you can not control the content of salt, sugar, and cream into your body. This type of food and drink intake can harm your body! Therefore, you need to know to control such foods and drinks, or better try to avoid them as they also contain high caloric content.

  • Canned food

Most canned foods contain very high flavors. In addition, the salt, sugar, food additive and preservative content in it is also high. While this can be very useful if you need an on-the-go food, do not make it your daily meal.

  • Fried food

Each fried food contains hidden calories. Some restaurants may use oils containing saturated fats or butter. Therefore, you need to reduce the consumption of fried foods. If you are always eager to eat fried foods, you can fry the food for yourself so you can choose the right oil and adjust your recipe.

  • Fast food / Snack

Who does not like a burger and french fries right? It's delicious, but you need to avoid eating fast food from your daily diet. Most of these fast foods are fried in oil and rarely have the vitamins and minerals the body needs. Limit the intake of fast food to 1 - 2 times each month.

  • Fruit Snacks

Why..? Why do you eat fruit snacks when you can eat real fruit? Such snacks may also contain sugars and extra flavors. Choose natural and fresh food from eating processed foods like this.

Now we have learned that the foods that have been listed should be avoided. Let's practice eating healthy food and make it our daily meal!

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