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7 Tips on how to relieve headache or migraine | Natural cure tips | Healthy Self-Love


7 Tips on how to reduce headache

tips on how to reduce and relief headache or migraine

Many of us have experience with headaches. Some are worst until we can not focus on jobs but some can recover quickly. There's a lot of causes of headache. For example, did not get enough sleep time, lack of rest, stress, did not drink or eat, overthinking and a lot more.

Although some people do not consider it something serious. But it's something that should not be underestimated.

Many choose to take medication to cope with headaches. Although it will be able to get rid of headaches quickly, eating medicines continuously can affect health problem.

In fact, if consumed excessively, it will damage the kidneys. Thus, there are several alternatives and natural ways that are not only better but cheaper.

drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration that can cause headache
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1. Drink plenty of water

For men: Drink at least 13 glasses of water (3 liters) daily
For women: Drink at least 9 glasses of water (2.2 liters) daily

Dehydration can cause headaches. Drink a glass of water as soon as your head begins to ache, and try to keep on drinking small sips throughout the day. You will gradually feel the pain began to subside. Avoid drinking anything that can cause dehydration such as coffee, alcohol, and drinks that are loaded with sugar.

we wont experience headache or migraine if we get enough sleep or rest
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2. Get enough sleep or rest

The best place to relax is a quiet and dim lights place. If possible, try to lay down and relax for 30 minutes. Find ease in your mind.

In addition, you can also sleep for a second to relieve the pain. Make sure your place to sleep is comfortable and your head gets support by a soft pillow. I know there's a pillow that is not soft and may cause a headache. huh

Choose the temperature that suits you during your rest time. Some people are more comfortable in cold air cond, while others are more comfortable with fan winds only. Either way, choose which one you feel more comfortable.

consume too much caffeine in a day may cause headache
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3. Slow down on your caffeine

Drinks or foods containing caffeine can be said to be two points. It can be a drug and also be one of the causes of headache. It depends on the person himself.

Most medicines you can find contain caffeine, to speed up the effectiveness of the painkillers.

During a headache, adenosine is released into the blood vessels. Caffeine help by preventing adenosine receptors. Limit consumptions of caffeine! A daily large amount of it can cause you to be a caffeine addict.

If you are a hardcore coffee drinker (more than 200mg a day, or 2 cups of coffee) and you suddenly do not take it in a day, you will have a headache problem as a side effect.

electrolyte drink restore energy and get rid of headaches
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4. Electrolyte drinks

Natural electrolyte drinks are the best! You can make your own natural electrolyte powder drinks.

It restores energy in the body and is one of the ways to get rid of headaches. As the drinks contain high levels of sugar and energy, avoid taking it in large quantities. 

Suffice it to overcome the headache and not make it a daily drink. Psst! Do you know coconut water is electrolyte drink?

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strong fragrant of lime or essential oils can ease the pain of headache
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5. Lime

Some soothing scents to ease headache pain. If you do not have some Essential oils for headaches you can always try some lime skin. Lemon and bergamot orange. But for me, the strong fragrant of bergamot orange is the best to ease headache pain.

If you're a sick-motion person, these tips are made for you!

aromatherapy candle help foster relaxation and sleep
Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

6. Light up your aromatherapy candle

Mostly spa uses aromatherapy candle to help foster relaxation and sleep. Why not bring the spa style to your home? 

Some scents that can help with your sleep is lavender, Bergamot, Chamomile, Jasmine, Rose, and Sandalwood. 

seeing bright light may cause headache even worst
Photo by Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash

7. Avoid seeing bright lights

It is uncomfortable if we see something bright while having a headache, the bright light will cause the eye nerves to be tense and stiff. Bright lights will also disturb your vision (glare)

When you experience headaches, avoid bright lights like sunlight (Use glasses). Always reduce the brightness level of the monitor screen or your phone screen.

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All 7 tips are suggestions to help you reduce headaches or migraines. But if your headaches are getting worse, you should go to the clinic/hospital for a check-up.

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