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8 Health benefits of drinking fresh coconut water, why you should start drinking coconut water | Healthy Self-Love


Low calories, free of cholesterol and fat, these are just a few of the benefits of fresh coconut water. Coconut water or even called natural isotonic is now getting a place in the hearts of the community.

Did you know that coconut water is actually better than most hydrothermal water out there? This natural water is very rich in the essential nutrient needed by the body. Here's the reason why coconut water is so popular!

  •  Coconut water for weight loss

For those who are out there who want to lose weight, do not be afraid to drink this healthy drink! As I was saying earlier, coconut water has low-fat content. So, do not worry, you won't gaining weight if you drink coconut water.

Coconut water can also control your appetite by keeping you filled. Good news is you can start your diet with only drinking coconut water!

  • Coconut water for smooth skin

Does your skin has discoloration? Or any problems with acne?

What if you try to drink coconut water.

Coconut water is able to moisturize your skin just as a moisturizer is sold in the market today.

Additionally, it also removes a lot of essential old and keeps your skin even more. Not surprisingly, there's a lot of whitening cream and moisturizers have coconut extracts that are sold. Let's get back to natural remedies, instead of using a product that has the chemical.

  • Coconut water helps with the hangover

According to an Anthropology Professor at Union College, James M. Schaefer, "alcohol molecules love H2O, so whatever alcohol you take in will grab water".

When you're drunk, you will experience vomiting and feel like urinating. Coconut water contains the electrolyte and vitamins needed to restore the lost energy during drunkenness.

  • Fresh coconut water helps improve digestion system

Coconut water is said to accelerate the digestive process. So, if you have problems like constipation, abdominal pain and so on, you are strongly encouraged to drink coconut water.

Coconut water contains high fiber and can prevent digestive problems in the stomach. It can also prevent gastritis.

  • Isotonic coconut water and boost body hydration

As mentioned above, coconut water is known as natural isotonic water. This water has several elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium which are indispensable to the body during exercise.

It's also healthier than drinking energy sold on the market! During a rugged and sweaty activity, the human body will lose a lot of minerals. Always remember that the mineral content in coconut water is a lot more than your favorite energy drink.

  • Coconut water reduces blood pressure

According to Dr.Bruce Fife Director of the Coconut Research Center, studies show that coconut water can increase blood circulation, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Due to the incompatibility of electrolyte in the body, the occurrence of blood pressure increased. Given that coconut water is able to balance electrolytes is said to reduce stroke and blood pressure.

It is highly recommended for people with high blood pressure to drink coconut water daily to control blood pressure.

  • Fresh coconut water is rich with nutrient

There's a huge difference between just plain warm water and coconut water. Coconut water has sugar, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and it's natural.

In addition, coconut water also contains 5 essential electrolytes in the human body such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium. Coconut water is also very good for treating various diseases.

  • Coconut water is suitable with blood

According to the United Nations (UN), coconut water is very similar to human blood. Therefore, coconut water has been widely used in wars like the Second World War to save lives.

In addition, it is isotonic to human blood. It can, therefore, be used to reinforce the body in case of anxiety.

I would like to share a bit of my story about coconut water. Recently, someone(she) I knew got admitted at the Government Hospital to undergo chemotherapy. I know most of us aware of the side-effect of chemotherapy.

Then, she goes to the private hospital to seek consultation about chemotherapy. Because she believes in an alternative way other than to undergo chemo.

She told the Doctor that she need 6 cycles of chemo every 3 weeks. She told the Doctor everything about how she's scared that she needs to eat medicine and so on. We do know that too much medicine can cause kidney failure.

Then, the Doctor suggests her to drink a lot of coconut water after she eats medicine.

Why? Like I mentioned above, coconut water contains a lot of minerals! This has the effect of removing toxins from the body and also preventing urinary tract infections. Which are also quite common in pregnant women.

So, guys, coconut water has a lot of health benefit. It's a bonus that coconut water tastes good too!

How much should you drink fresh coconut water?

Frankly, since coconut water can be enjoyed just like that, there is no obstacle for you to drink as much as you like. However, a specialist from Mayo Clinic Strongly recommends you to drink more if you are an active athlete.

Find the freshest, youngest and the greenest coconut. Most often the green and the youngest coconuts are the ones that contain plenty of water.

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