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Smoking habits are one of the major causes of lung cancer today. Anywhere you go, you can see someone smoking. Doesn't matter about the age, smoking needs to stop even tho you have been smoking since your teenage age and worst when you were still a kid.

It's hard to stop smoking, but it's not impossible to stop smoking!

In addition to the need for strong self-motivation, smokers need the following encouragement that may increase motivation to quit smoking. The following major reasons can be your motivation to stop smoking.

It's never too late to make a U-turn!

Things you can do to STOP smoking

There are various reasons why a person starts smoking. Perhaps because of the insistence of friends, or according to the young souls who want to rebel. Maybe it's because someone is seeing the people they respect or the characters in the movie that they smoke and think smoking is 'cool'. Others start smoking because of boredom or stress.

Whatever the reason, many smokers are quickly addicted to nicotine or smoking habits, as they are closely linked to emotions and souls, making it difficult for a person to stop. If you are thinking of abandoning this habit, there are many ways that can help. Many former smokers agree that the process of quitting is hard, but they do it, and you can do it too. Here are a few tips to quit smoking to help with the process!

  • Understand the reason you want to stop

There are several reasons you may want to stop smoking. Your personal health, finances and personal happiness. Now the important step is to make a list of why you want to stop smoking.

If you are not sure, ask yourself a question:

What is the disadvantage of smoking?

What do you NOT like about smoking?

What did you lose if you do not smoke?

What is the consequence to your health and what will happen if you continue smoking?

What's the reason to quit smoking?

Next, list the benefits of quitting smoking:
  • The possibility for me to diagnosed cancer, heart attack, and other illnesses will be reduced.
  • I don't want any disease cause from smoking
  • High risk of smoking
  • I can breath better and less coughing, and my blood pressure will decrease.
  • My skin will look healthier and younger
  • My food will taste better
  • I will be a good example to children, friends, family, colleagues and loved ones will be proud of me
  • Quit smoking for good
  • Rid body odor
  • Breath smell like tobacco

List all the reason to stop smoking and put this list in an easy-to-see place. When it is written, it is more meaningful. When you want to smoke, refer to this list to remind you why you want to stop. You could place the list as you phone home screen, laptop wallpaper, refrigerator note anyway you wish.

  • Make a plan on how to stop smoking

Plan to stop smoking is just like a diet plan. You need the goals you want to achieve, with clear timetables and timeframes to achieve those goals. This will help identify and record your achievements, as well as identify the triggers for smoking and how to manage them.

Examples of achievements are like reducing the number of cigarettes smoked from day to day. In your plan, also choose a stop date, schedule, and activity for each day, people who can spend time with you, what you can do when you feel like smoking and a healthy reward for yourself like having a dinner in a family restaurant or a small gift but meaningful.

Everyone is different, so try different strategies and ways to stop smoking. Focus and motivate yourself to quit smoking. Follow these steps, record your plan and make sure it is always available on your way.

  • Start now, not next week, not tomorrow. But start now

It's now or never. People tend to lose motivation when it takes a long time to do something right. So, if you wanted to quit now, then quit now.

If you wanted to reduce smoking per day, it's still good. At least you're still improving yourself to keep the smoke away. Maybe you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, and you reduce it to 10 cigarettes a day. It's still better. That's a huge baby step! Someone out there is smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day, and you started to reduce smoking.

Better than nothing, you're one step ahead than yesterday!

  • Control your desire for smoking

The mindset to quit smoking
Don't let the cigarette control you, you control the cigarette!

Understand why you smoke so you can find the best method to stop.

Your smoking habits may be related to a meeting with some specific activities, feelings, or people. These cases are the reason you have the desire to smoke. Pay attention to these causes and try to reduce them. Spend time with those who don't smoke, try hobbies or new sports to make sure you are eternally busy and are unaware of these causes. If emotions cause you to smoke, look for ways to reduce as much pressure as possible in your life, especially when the period tries to stop.

Facing addiction is also important. Nicotine is a chemical in cigarettes that makes you addicted. However, if you smoke a lot, the more nicotine you need. If your body does not nicotine, you may feel uncomfortable and want to smoke and this is addictive.

Although overcoming addiction takes time, most symptoms of addiction will disappear in a week, but the desire to smoke may last longer. There are ways for you to be willing to face addiction. Visit your medical specialist to get appropriate advice on medication for you.

  • Build support for 'no smoking' or 'no smoking program'

It's easier to quit if you get support from people around you. Inform your loved ones about the date you quit smoking and explain how they can help. Everyone needs support in a different way, so make sure friends and family know how they can support you, as you are always ready to receive your call if you want to smoke and need words of excitement during the 'no smoking' days.

You should also notify your colleague. Not to control them, but to gain support and encouragement. If they know you want to quit smoking, they can provide support and assistance. They need to understand your situation and can give you words of enthusiasm if you need.

However, it may be difficult to seek someone's help, even if they are close to you. Choose support wisely. A good suggestion for you, find someone who is easy to talk to when talking about family or friends. The former smoker who has succeeded in smoking will also be more sympathetic and encouraging.

  • Eliminate everything that reminds you of cigarette

Once you have started the plan, eliminate the things that remind you of smoking. These include cigarette, matches, cigarette smoke, and lighters, maybe even a picture of people who make you stuck with smoking habits. Make sure your car, home, and workspace are clean and fresh because the smell of cigarettes can make you feel like smoking. Avoid tobacco shops in the street you usually take and stay away from smokers. Do not store cigarettes for 'if necessary' situation.

  • Give yourself a small gift for every achievement

Quitting smoking may take some time. It's important to celebrate your achievements. Celebrate individual achievements such as 24/7 smoke-free, 1 week no smoking, 1 month and subsequent periods.

Gift yourself in a healthy way like going to dinner, watching movies, climbing in natural surroundings or other non-smoking activities. Plan your achievements first and provide a healthy reward with no cigarette for each achievement.

  • Get professional assistance

The first week without cigarettes is the hardest time you want to stop. You will face an uncomfortable feeling, a temptation to smoke, an addictive symptom and a desire to smoke. Make sure you have support available anytime. Whether it's a quit smoking smartphone app, support group or friends.

If you have decided to quit, you are heading towards a better life. You can always get back up again every time you fall into a mistake when it's your process of stop smoking.

If you really put your heart in the process, you will quit smoking naturally.

Wish you all the best and always stay healthy!

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