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Characteristics of contaminated fruit chemicals and hazardous bacteria | Factor you should consider before buying vegetable and fruit | Healthy Self-Love


Fruit is good for the body. But choose carefully before buying because there are fruits that are contaminated by chemicals and harmful bacteria.

Fruit contains various nutrients that the body needs. But there are fruits that are contaminated with hazardous chemicals such as pesticides, formalin, coloring agents and waxes.

There are also fruits contaminated with harmful bacteria, such as rockmelon fruit which has recently been reported to be contaminated with Listeria bacteria. Now, how do you recognize the characteristics of fruit contaminated with chemicals and harmful bacteria?

  • Formalin Fruit

Parts of the skin look tight and fresh even though it's has been more than 4 weeks at the market/store
  • It has a hard texture when touched
  • The fruit is not surrounded by flies, ants, and bees.
  • In stemmed fruit, the stems look witted but the fruit is still fresh
  • The pungent odor is not like the smell of fruit normally
  • Fruit is given a coloring that is not food grade
  • There are small, deep holes at the end near the stem
  • Fruit color is brighter than fruit in general
  • If eaten, the color can leave marks that are hard to lose on the mouth
  • Usually given to mangoes, pears, star fruit, oranges, bananas, watermelons

  • Fruit containing wax

Although the surface of the skin looks fresh, when eaten the fruit flesh is not fresh
Usually given to apples, pears, grapes, strawberries.

  • Fruit contains bacteria

Fruits that contain harmful bacteria may not reveal distinctive features, but note the symptoms that arise afterward, such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, shortness of breath until fainting. Immediately consult a doctor if something happens

I know a lot of us have not realized yet about the contaminated fruits chemicals and hazardous bacteria. I started to wrote about this when I was eating an apple without peeling the skin. My daddy saw me and quickly told me to peel the fruit before eating.

Then I was I like, "huh, fruit has a lot of fiber"

Then my daddy, "what. Go peel the fruit skin. But if you still want to eat the pesticide on the fruit skin, then just eat".

Thennnnn, of course, I peel the skin

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