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easy tips for choosing healthy and delicious food for families

Various types of food and beverages are now available, the street vendor, restaurants, to online orders. Each type has a distinctive taste that is deliciously unforgettable (depends, lol), from the appearance to the aroma. Maybe your family has a favorite place to eat too!

However, don't forget the nutritional needs of your family. There are considerations that must be considered, including:

tips on choosing healthy and delicious food

What makes a happy family? FOOD.

Fresh food

We often find in the grocery store and supermarket a variety of fresh and frozen foods, such as vegetables and meat. If you choose fresh, make sure the condition is good by the smell, appearance, condition, not withered or damaged.

The difference in fresh food ingredients with frozen is the nutritional content of fresh food will disappear several days along with wilting or stale due to pathogenic bacteria. While frozen food is more nutritionally maintained because the growth of pathogenic bacteria is inhibited. Frozen food does not mean that it is not healthy as long as the amount of preservative is not excessive to endanger health. Also, note the expiration date

always check on food label for nutrition value

Pay attention to the food composition

Each food has its own composition which can be beneficial to the body or even harmful. Always read food composition as it helps your needs. For example, fat is needed by the body. If you want to reduce fat, then reduce foods that contain lots of fat.

You can choose less sugar, free-cholesterol, low-carb

healthy cooking

Cooking process

The cooking technique is also a reference for food health. Cooking techniques depend on taste and expected results in serving food. In addition, every food ingredient has certain characteristics so that the nutrients do not necessarily survive in all cooking ways.

To maintain the nutritional quality of your family intake, the key is not to overdo it. In frying, don't use too much oil or just don't fry food but air fry food. Sounds better, tastes better and live healthier! Basically, you can air fry everything that you used to deep fry with oil.

Similarly, when washing food before cooking, do not soak too long or squeeze too tightly.

Serving healthy and delicious food required the right balance. When all the criteria for healthy food are met, make sure the taste is delicious so that it can be enjoyed by the whole family.

cheap food or expensive food?

Food prices

Is it expensive? Is it cheap?

Do you realize how cheap is junk food or fast food than organic food?

I know some people tend to buy some junk food or fast food for dinner just because healthy food is too expensive. Well, have you tried an apple? Banana? Orange? Some fruit is cheaper than junk food. Who doesn't love fruit? It's has a sweet, sour taste and different fruit has a different texture.

If you really love fried food, try to give a shot to air fry food. Both are frying method, the only difference is air fry is way healthier than the fried food that contains lots of oil.

It is important to choose healthy food. Healthy food means a healthy family, right? We know that some healthy food is a bit more expensive than junk food. But let me ask you something.

Which is expensive the organic food that you consume for a healthy body or the junk food that you consumed that make your body sick and making you go to the clinic/hospital which leads to more expenses on your medical health. We all know how expensive it is just to do check-up or just a consultation from the expert.

Always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure.

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