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Health benefits of bergamot oranges, key lime, lime and lemon, which one would you choose? | Healthy Self-Love


health benefit of lime for our health

As we know key lime, lime and lemon are commonly used.

Have you ever use bergamot orange?

All have the same citrusy fragrant.

I did a suggestion on how to use these all type of limes. As you know, I believe in the alternative way of being healthy rather than taking a drug that might turn into a chemical reaction in our body.

lime health benefit as a drink or in cooking recipe
Lime surely have a lot of benefits the same as the other. Most people are using it in cooking or baking recipe. Here's extra info for you about lime other than cooking or baking!

If you ate a lot of fried food or oily food. Drink a glass of lime juice before bedtime. 1-2 fresh lime squeeze and mix in with water. Do not add sugar ok?

Let the lime do the work for you while you're sleeping, and the next morning you will poop easily.

If you think 1-2 lime doesn't help you to poop easier, you can always add 1 or 2 more.

Never drink it with an empty stomach, only drink it if you ate too much oily or fried food. It helps with weight loss too!

If you love eating chili sauce. The crazy easy recipe is chili(mince), salt, and lime(squeezed).
3 ingredients that can make food appetizing! Use red hot small chili pepper, cause it's the best.

key lime health benefit in cooking or baking recipe and tea
key lime
As for key lime can also improve the digestive system. Also, take 1-2 lime and mix it warm water. No sugar! If you really love sugar, can add in some honey. Add in original honey only, not artificial. Some artificial honey is sugar added, so it is also the same as normal sugar.

But if you want a taste of, key lime tea in the afternoon. Use 1-2 freshly squeezed key lime, add in 1 tea bag(any tea that you love), and a tablespoon of honey.

Surely the taste and smell will make you feel calm in your afternoon rest time.

lemon best natural whitening agent for skin discolouration and for health
Lemon is one of my favorites! Sore throat? Drink lemon juice, no sugar as usual. Lemon high in Vitamin C.

Most know lemon is the best natural whitening agent. If you have a dark spot on your skin, apply some lemon on it for 5 minutes. Make it as your daily remedies for dark spots skin. 

Do not apply if you have a cut on that dark spot. It burns more than hell.

Lemon and ginger are the best combinations to help with coughing. Boil half cut lemon and ginger for 30 minutes in 500ml water. Drink it when it warm and it helps with the cough.

bergamot orange can help with sick motion and air freshener
bergamot orange
Ahh, the bergamot orange. For me, this has the best citrusy fragrant. If you're having a sick motion, scratch the skin using your nail and smell the fruits.

Headache? Also, do the same. It really has a very strong fragrant. You can also use it as a car or room freshener. Slice the fruit and put it in every corner of your room or car. It smells better than the perfume car that contains chemicals.

Even the leaf of bergamot orange has a benefit. Use it in your curry recipe for antioxidant agent plus it makes food smells more appetizing!

There's more benefit of lime, the listed above are only the eye opener for some that don't have an idea for the benefits of lime.

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