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Tips for having a fresh fruit and green vegetable | How to choose vegetable and fruit like a pro | Healthy Self-Love


Fruits and vegetables are a source of fiber for our body, but be careful in choosing fruits!

Generally, if you shop for vegetables or fruit, we will choose the most beautiful looking fruit, right? Not only the freshness but also the color or appearance.

As a reminder to everyone, we need to be vigilant when we find a fruit that looks bright. It is not impossible, the fruit has been colored.

As long as the dye used is still food grade or within safe limits, it really doesn't matter. The problem occurs, if the dye used is not for food.

Another thing to watch out for, especially for imported products, is the presence of wax layers. For example, contained in zucchini, paprika, eggplant, potatoes, apples, and oranges.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a government agency in the United States that regulates the standardization of food and medicine, coating wax in fruits to be imported is legitimate and permitted. The reason is that the wax coating is to maintain the quality and appearance of the fruit so that it is resilient and scratch-resistant.

Naturally, these fruits will emit wax after arriving at a certain maturity. Only fruits are exported to other countries that took time for it to arrives at the destination. For this reason, certain fruits are coated with wax.

The content of pesticide residues and toxins in vegetables and fruits are making consumer feared as they become the cause of many harmful diseases such as cancer.

However, this response is less accurate because pollutants and food additives at low levels can only be hazardous but not directly affect the human body.

However, if this poison residue accumulates at a high level in the body, it may be dangerous for long-term effects. We can avoid the accumulation of pollutants by following the guidelines

How to choose vegetables and fruits like a pro?

  • Different types of foods

Avoid getting any kind of food from one source that is the supplier or the same place. Usually, food from one source uses a similar production method. Similarly, the same use of pesticides or environmental pollution. By changing the source of food, it reduces the risk of toxic substance accumulation.

  • Plant your own vegetables and fruits

Growing vegetables and fruits around the house alone ensures that they are free of pesticides.

  • Choose vegetables and fruits with a worm or insect

I know it sounds weird to some of you. But trust me, fruit that has a worm or insect effect indicates that vegetables and fruits are less or no pesticide

However, there are various types of poisons that can cause anesthetics

  • Wash your vegetables and fruits until it clean

Washing vegetables and fruits reduce pesticide by up to 20 percent. Pesticide cannot be removed by 100 percent because the fruits have a layer of oil on its surface that binds to pesticides.

  • Get the vegetables and hydroponic fruits

Hydroponic planting methods in nets covered prevent pesticide attacks. To be sure, get the vegetables and fruits labeled.

  • Get supplies from organic farms

Organic farming methods are produced naturally without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Organic farm produce is more expensive but safer to eat.

In addition to ensuring the vegetables and fruits are free of pesticide, consumers need to plants to be safe to eat, clean and contain the substance.


In this world, there is no food that can be categorized as 'good' or 'bad'. What's there is just a good or bad dietary habit. So, everything goes back to our own consciousness to practice healthy nutrition.

However, if it is possible, try to avoid chemical products that are supposed to be free of chemicals, especially insecticides and preservatives used to ensure that crop yields last longer in the market. We need to make sure the fresh products are washed before cooking. Wash the fruit and peel the skin before eating.

It's 2019 ladies and gentleman, its time for us to be wise!
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