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Superfood green drink Japanese Matcha Tea: Benefit and side effect | The truth of Japanese health drink Matcha Tea | Healthy Self-Love


Matcha is considered one of the most powerful superfoods on the market today. It's a natural, organic green tea that has become the heart of the famous Japanese Tea Ceremony for more than 800 years. Buddhist monks using matcha tea meditate longer and more intensively for health and for mental concentration.

Matcha was used as a medicine to cure various ailments while Japanese Buddhist Zen realized the real benefits and more potential for improving health and looking for knowledge about how to prepare matcha tea and started to planted matcha tea bushes throughout the country. There are several Asian countries that try to make matcha tea, but still, the best matcha tea comes from Japan.

Price difference also brings a difference in quality. The more expensive the price of matcha tea, the higher the quality. The quality of matcha tea can be seen in the density of the dark green color.

Also, the Japanese matcha tea always expensive than any other country, because their matcha tea is 100% pure and original. 

The fragrance of matcha tea is really soothing also I really loved the taste of matcha tea. 

Now let's talk about the health benefits of matcha powder superfood health drink.

The health benefits of Matcha Tea

Matcha tea has high antioxidant

Antioxidants are magical nutrients and enzymes to eliminate the negative effect of UV radiation, giving us younger-looking skin, and preventing a number of life-threatening diseases.

I always watch Japanese movies and did you see their skin? Looks beautiful and glowing! No wonder there's a lot of skincare product based on matcha tea from Japan that is famous to women. Matcha is also a great anti-aging property since it is a high antioxidant.

Matcha tea helps to maintain healthy liver

The liver plays an important role in eliminating toxins in our body. Some studies have found that consuming matcha can help maintain the health of the surrounding organ.

Some would say that consuming too much matcha tea may cause liver damage. But then, why would you consume too much of matcha tea? Every good thing will be a bad thing if you do it an overdose.

Have you read an article about a woman inject a green superfood drink to her vein and she ended up to the hospital? The superfood drink is good, but it's not supposed to be injected to our vein. We should drink it normally like other people do. 

Matcha tea boost brain function naturally

Matcha can reduce LCL bad cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease. Health studies found that 1 in 3 people around 35 years old died of heart disease.

Matcha can also reduce triglyceride levels and reduce the risk of stroke. However, we should avoid consuming lots of oily food and high cholesterol, start exercising regularly and include matcha in a healthy diet. 

Matcha prevent cancer

Matcha has the content of Catechin EGCg, which is a cancer-fighting antioxidant.

Plus matcha has the antioxidant content of Catechin EGCf (epigallocatechin gallate) contains cancer eradication substances.

Moreover, the catechin can fight free radical substances produced from pollution, UV light, radiation and chemicals that can damage cells and DNA.

Matcha burns calories and helps with weight loss / Detox

There's a lot of matcha tea powder that is selling for slimming body. Beside increasing metabolism, it also burns fat and unlike other weight loss product, matcha tea does not increase blood pressure and heart rate.

Green and matcha tea has the ability to accelerate metabolism to increase fat burning by 17% in semi-active people or light exercise. Did you realize that finding weight loss product that contains green tea supplement is easy?

As usual, if you wanted to lose weight by drinking matcha tea, please do not add sugar in it. Sugar won't help with your weight loss process, in fact, it helps you to gain more weight than before.

Matcha helps you to have a good mood and have a peace of mind

For more than a century, matcha tea has been a drink to relax and meditate while remaining vigilant. Now we know that his higher state of consciousness is because the amino acid L-Theanine contained in the leave is used to make matcha. L-Theanine helps produce alpha waves in the brain that induce sleepiness relieving relaxation.

The best matcha is traditionally taken from Japan

Matcha boost body immune system

Matcha green tea has been shown to have antibiotic properties that improve overall health. In addition, only one bowl of matcha tea provides large amounts of potassium, vitamins A & C, iron, proteins, and calcium.

Matcha tea helps fight diseases and infections caused by bacteria and viruses when the body's immune system is weak. Having high antioxidants and catechin is the reason why it helps our body's immune system strong

Matcha can also be used in baking 

Any shopping mall or the bakery store always have a matcha tea flavor. Matcha cake, matcha tea drink, matcha cookie and more! 

The side effect of consuming Matcha Tea

Matcha contains caffeine

The content of caffeine maybe three times that a cup of tea, which is equivalent to a cup of coffee. Some Matcha lovers claim that matcha brings a calming feeling compared to the caffeine in coffee. The reason is that the matcha contains a natural substance called alanine that relaces without drowsiness

Sweetened matcha tea may cause a deteriorate quality

I believe everything that added sugar will cause a deteriorating quality. Too much sugar is not good for our body. Matcha taste is strong, and some people describe it as grass or spinach with a green grass taste. Therefore, many will choose to add sugar to make it taste better.

But tea expert says that fresh, pure, high-quality matcha is expensive, so low prices may be a symbol of low-quality of matcha product.

Matcha may be contaminated by lead

Even organically grown green tea may contain lead, and plants absorb lead from the land, especially those grown in China. But when traditional green tea is soaked, approximately 90% of the lead remains in the tea is removed.

However, there's an experiment tested and the amount of lead in the matcha currently sold is not in risk.

I tried to make it short about the health benefit and side effect of Matcha Tea but still with a piece of complete information. 

However, there is still no sign of risk in drinking matcha tea. Even Japanese drink it and we see a lot of them that have glowing skin, looking young, slim body(especially the lady) and healthy.

Probably many of you already seen about the news about Japanese daughter and mother comparison about their age gap. The mother doesn't look like her age. They look more like a sibling to us!

Matcha Tea is one of the secrets of youthful

National Workouts and Well-being Week March 2019 | Raise awareness of mental health and improve well-being through exercise and mindfulness | Healthy Self-Love


Raise awareness of mental health and improve well-being through exercise and mindfulness

Did you know that 25 march is the week of National Workout and Well-being 2019?

It is extremely important to raise awareness, support those around you that are suffering from a mental health problem, and seek help if you feel you are suffering from any form of mental illness or mental health problem.

Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It determines how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices. 

It is a serious issue. Seek some help and help others!

What is mental health?

Mental health is a situation where an individual is realizing her/his potential can be a stressful life, can work productively and can contribute to society without depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, etc.

However, there is no clear determinant in distinguishing between those who have good mental health and who are not. There are many levels of mental health. There are no one criteria that can be used to prove good mental health.

It depends on the individual, social and environmental factors. 

What is mindfulness?

A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feeling, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

With the many demands in life accompanied by pressure, it is not a surprising thing if someone gets easily feel stressed and disturbed mental health. Career, business, relationship, romance, family, finance, lack of sleep, even traffic jams can contribute to a person's mental stability. 

What is feared if a person's mental disturbance will slowly change the character to become negative and increasingly severe? 

Do not let it be experienced by yourself. 

There is a lot of things you can do to re-balance your mental health and mindfulness. Listed below is what we all should do in our daily life.

Value yourself

Do you value yourself? How much does your life cost? On a scale 1 - 10, what is your number? If you value yourself more than that then you knew your self-worth. However, some would value themselves a '0'. 

Baby girl... Everyone knows that the 1 - 10 scale is nothing. We all worth more than that. We are priceless. We can't be bought with money. We are more than that. 

You should never compare yourself with others. The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday. Be a better you, for you.

Reduce stress or deal with your stress

Spoiler alert! On 1 April 2019 is stress awareness month and on that date, I will be posting a blog post about how to reduce stress and deal with it. Subscribe for the more great post!

People are full of stress, you see someone who is always smiling and happy. But we never know what's truly in their hearts. It's easy to fake it, on the inside only we know what's truly happen.

Please avoid drinking alcohol when you're stress. Think about your body, alcohol only making it worse, make you overthinking about things that you shouldn't think.
Do something you love, find a hobby, read a book, write something or anything. 

Smile more :)

Yep, smiling to a stranger is a bit cringy, but then isn't it great if a stranger smile back to you! 

Hit me on my email and just send me a smile or an emoji. That will also make my day! 

Never Lie

Why never lie? 

You can't just spread lie and slander people! Do you feel good about it? Do you feel comfortable hanging out with someone you lie? If it does, then there's something wrong with you. 

Seek helps from people that can help you. Maybe you find it funny to lie or slander people. You need to find a hobby. A good hobby that doesn't involve people hearts and feeling.

Try to always speak the truth. But then, still depends on the situation may be something about involving a person serious sickness, someone just died or any bad news. But eventually, you still need to tell the truth.

Don't let the person hanging around believing in lies.

Surround yourself with good people

I always said these, always inhale the good vibe for a good life. 

You attract what you fear. Remember when you're in the elementary school and you're scared if the teachers pick you and suddenly the teachers just pick you!

Always have positive energy with yourself and if you think you don't then surround yourself with good people. 

Take care of your body

Eat some nutritional food that your body needs. The good body comes with good health! Chew your food properly so you don't have indigestion later and always drink for 2 -3 liters of water a day.

Consume a health supplement if you want to. But always consult with your doctor first before you're consuming any health supplement product.


Don't be a lazy bump. Just walk for a 30 minute around your house, let your sweat out. Do these once a day. At least your sweat is out and you do it consistently. 

Find a good song that you can listen while you're on exercise to give you positive energy.

Also on YouTube, there's a lot of video about working out in 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and many more. Scroll your feeds on YouTube and find the Workout guide that you want to do.

sleep more

Sleeping always influences our daily life. 

Good sleep = More energy

Lack of sleep = Less energy, hard to focus and feels tired

I remember sleeping on my tiny bed and waking up in the morning and feels body aching and it feels like I just exercise for 12 hours straight.


Find ease in your mind.

Meditation is like an exercise for our brains. It improves our memory, empathy, and self-love similar to how we exercise for weight loss, muscle strength, and body health. 

Use Essential oils to enhancing your meditation and giving you more clarity and peace of mind. Use the oils in a diffuser or rub the oil on your skin.

The soothing fragrance or aromatherapy helps to de-stress, relax, and focus on your breathing.

Talk to people

Just say something simple to anyone, say 'Hey' to a stranger, 'good morning' to your neighbor. It will increase self-confidence while increasing social aspects.

Get out of your comfort zone that is always silent and wait for other people to be greeted because of prestige or ego. If someone else's response is negative, it's that the people have negative behavior. 

Stay positive and never listen to bad things.

Give yourself something

Maybe a snack? A fancy dinner? A spa? A gift? Or a memory? 

You can give something to yourself. Sometimes it's the little thing that is making us happy. Always have the gratitude of attitude


Like I said before, find something that you love. A hobby that can make you feels happy. Don't find a hobby that involves other people feeling. You know what I mean.

Sometimes people do a prank to someone for a hobby. If that person just having a really bad day, please don't make it worse. Just do a simple joke and it will make someone smile.

You know some prank can go wrong. Always know your limit.

Go out

Even if it's only 10 minutes in a day, spent time on sitting at your yard, balcony, swing chair. Smells the nature, the fresh air, sees the green grass, the blues skies and know that God already created everything beautifully just to see a smile on your face.

This will instantly lift up a lot of stress levels in your mind and replenish energy in the body.


Lastly, is a prayer. Your faith will help to heal you

Several studies show that praying might help alleviate worries and if you get what you need by a prayer, never forget God.

Praying for help to boost self-esteem, self-confidence. But actually, it really helps with everything. Trust in your faith.

It's important to raise awareness about mental health, and do all you can to assist patients and loved ones who are trying to deal with mental health conditions. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood through adulthood.

#mentalhealthawareness #greenribbon

8 Health tips that will make your future self will thank you for, Number 5 will shock you | Healthy Self-Love


8 Healthy tips that will make your future self 

will thank you for

Healthy living is a lifestyle. You don't need a lot of money to be healthy. Everything depends on yourself, either you really want it, or you don't want it. But hey, everyone wants to be healthy, who doesn't? I just wish I knew these tip earlier so I can apply it daily.

Well, everybody will tell you that nothing is more important than your health and it should be your first priority in life. Sadly, we eat too much food that may become a factor in our disease in our future life. We never ask for a disease, yet we nev

er take good care of our body. But then who am I to blame anyway?
It's our own responsibilities to stay healthy. By any case, if you knew someone who just eats lots of junk food or fast food and never exercise, you should be an angel to that someone. Help her/him with her/him problem, tell her/him health tips that can easily follow.

Being healthy doesn't mean you need to go to the gym, your home is your new gym. You just need to avoid some food to help you lose weight.

8 Health tips that easy to follow

1. Honey 

Honey has anti-bacterial properties which help us to not easily get sick. Instead of adding white or brown sugar into your drink, add-in 1 - 2 tablespoon of honey. We should always try to reduce some sugar intake and go for a natural sweetener, plus it helps with your weight loss progress.

Other than that, honey contains flavonoid, antioxidant, which help to reduce the risk of some cancer. Buy the 100% pure original natural honey. Honey has a lot of benefits, but then some of the sellers will add white sugar in the natural honey, which become unhealthy with that amount of sugar. Try following this guide to help you with this problem.

2. Reduce stress

Do you ever feel stressed that you started to feel migraine/headache, flu, aching muscle or joint pain? Stress is a lot more than emotion. It will affect your daily routine, job, education also your closest friends and family. The most people that likely to feel mental stress are those who are introvert because every problem that occurs they will keep it to themselves.

If you ever feel stressed, too much stress that it hurt a lot more than your words. Try to find some help, find something that you love. I know you're hurting and it will hurt other people too seeing you like this. If you don't want to think about others, think about yourself. Take some rest, find ease in your mind. Go for a vacation, go to the beach, do everything that you wanted to do as long as you don't kill others if that's what you wanted to do huh.

3. Exercise / Move more

I know some people hate exercise. Maybe you can find some friend who loves exercise that you can be influenced by your friends, why not, right? It is better to find friends who influenced you to be a better person. 

Exercise doesn't mean an hour or more at the gym. Ain't nobody got time for that. If you're lazy to exercise, what makes you think you would not be lazy to drive to the gym? You can exercise at your home, today is the technology era. Check youtube video about fitness. The Youtuber even prepared a 7-minute exercise, 10-minute exercise or more.

4. Less alcohol

Less alcohol! Do you want a bloated stomach? Because that's how you got a bloated stomach. It also hurt your immune system. There are people who drink alcohol when they got caught a fever and thinking that drinking alcohol would raise their temperature. It was a myth!

Never drink alcohol when you're sick. You're only making yourself feel sicker, and that's not good obviously. If you love to drink alcohol, you're just making your liver suffered. Don't you feel sad? What if someone makes you suffer? If you don't like to feel suffered, then don't let your liver suffer.

What I really meant is, drinking alcohol may cause dehydration. It also increases your risk of developing liver disease and cause irreparable damage.

5. Sanitize hand and phone

Why is this will shock you? Do you remember the last thing that you touch? We need a microscope to see bacteria or germs. If your eyes have the microscope featured then maybe you can see how dirty is everything. 

Probably you won't even love to touch money too if you can see the germ on it.
Why should you sanitize your phone too? Think about all the places that you have put on your phone all day. On the table, on the floor. It is covered with germs and you put that phone on your face too.

6. More water stay hydrate

Unfortunately, not many people understand how beneficial drinking water actually is. Water keeps the skin looking good. Did you notice, people who do not drink water usually have more skin problems than the ones that do and also have an older looking skin at a very young age. 

Try aim for 2 liters a day. You can make fruit infused water, which not only hydrates your skin but also detoxify your body. Being hydrated can make you look healthier and gives your face a fresh look.

6. More sleep 

Sleep is probably the cheapest way to stay healthy.  An adult at least needs between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. You can sleep for 4 hours or more as long that you have sleep, let your body rest for a while. It is still better than to have a sleepless day.

Lack of sleep impacts your health and emotion. Once I didn't sleep for a day, and it causes me mood swings, hard to focus and headache. Even a small matter can make me crazily angry at that time. 

Ladies, you need to have enough sleep. Your menstrual cycle could be delayed if you have less sleep and high-stress level. Remember to treat yourself something to make you feel happy. Do what you love. Do good, and life will be good.

7. Eating habit 

Food is medicine, everything that you eat is either feeding something good or bad. I always said these, but not many people know how beneficial it is to have a good eating habit. Healthy living is a lifestyle, if you practice good eating habit from now, your future self will be grateful for you today. 

Instead of making other people proud, start making yourself proud. Nothing is better than being proud of yourself.

8. Stop smoking

If you're a smoker then quit. If you're non-smoker then don't go near to people who are smoking. Inhaling the smoke is worst than the smoker. Yes, we all know to quit smoking is hard. But it is not impossible to quit smoking. 

Easy right? You don't buy health, it's all in you. The only responsibilities that you should prioritize.

Apply these tip in your daily life, trust me your future self will be grateful to you now!

Ovarian cancer awareness March 2019: Causes, Symptoms/sign, diagnosis, treatment and prevention | Healthy Self-Love


Do you know from 1 March 2019 to 31 March 2019 is Ovarian cancer awareness month? So today article is to raised awareness of Ovarian Cancer for everyone. 

Ovarian cancer awareness month 2019: Causes, Symtoms/sign, diagnosis, treatment and prevention | Healthy Self-Love

Ovarian cancer is cancer that arises from the ovary, it is a pair of organs that produce seeds and female hormones. It usually occurs in women over the age of 40 and peaked between the ages of 55 and 60, but it can also occur in women and in 20 years. Most ovarian cancer is cancer that arises from the surface of epithelial cancer and a small part is derived from germ cell cancer cells. 

The late ovary can be detected as the organ's position is located deep in the pelvis compared to the cervix (cervix ) and also the endometrium (the uterus wall). This makes the process of screening impossible. Ovarian cancer is more likely to occur in women with mothers or siblings with cancer. It also tends to occur in women who reach early puberty and late menopause as well as unexplained women (ovaries depended during pregnancy). 

Causes of Ovarian Cancer 

No one knows what the true cause of ovarian cancer is. Previously, the use of talcum powder applied to the penis is often associated with ovarian cancer. This comes from a study made in South Africa. The powder used actually contains high asbestos content. The existing pills are no longer containing asbestos, so it is safe to use. Factors of viral infections likely to cause ovarian cancer are also studied. 

However, there are still a few factors that have been discussed about the chance of developing these types of cancer. 

  • Family history
  • Genetic / Genetic condition
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Endometriosis
  • Ethnicity
  • Reproduction history
  • Hormone replacement therapy

Ovarian Cancer  Symptoms / Signs 

Ovarian cancer usually does not have any specific symptoms at an early stage. Most women have flatulence, some also suffer from diarrhea or constipation. Often this situation is thought to be due to intestinal problems and not being given due attention. 

Swelling in the abdomen in the early stages is usually thought to be the usual weight gain. Strong pain is rare unless there is an ovarian tumor that is twisted or bleeding occurs in the ovary. There are also patients whose abdomen grows up because of the fluid (ascites) produced by ovarian cancer. This fluid makes the patient's stomach tight and large. Often ovarian cancer is already spread when it is known

How to Detect Ovarian Cancer 

Many studies have been made to identify methods of screening ovarian cancer. Some use blood tests, some people also regularly use ultrasound scans. However, there is no way to become an effective and economical filtering method. 

Only three main groups are given priority and are encouraged to undergo ovarian cancer screening:

  • Those with immediate families with ovarian cancer,

  • Those who carry BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene (high risk for ovarian and breast cancer)

  • Those with the closest family with colon cancer large, cervical cancer and breast cancer.

At least a blood test should be performed on these 3 groups.


Diagnosis is done by examining patients as well as several simple tests. Clinically, the patient's examination will give rise to a hard tumor in the pelvis or sometimes a tumor of the cyst (water) or a mixture of hard and hard tumors. Radiologically often uses ultrasound. The tumor size of certain characteristics can help the doctor determine whether the tumor is normal or not.

How Ovarian Cancer Spreads 

Ovarian cancer can spread throughout the peritoneum space (space between the pelvis to the lungs). It is spread by peritoneum liquid flow. The perforation also always occurs according to the lymph. About 60 to 70 percent of stage III cancer will have a fist up to the pelvic glands and para-aortic. 

The perforation through the bloodstream is rare. However, it can occur at the late stage, especially after patients undergo various treatments. This may spread to the spine, brain, and lungs. Emotional Support Apart from physical health, psychological health should also be emphasized. Family members and their spouses should be consulted on the treatment methods and moral support they need to provide.


Treatment of ovarian cancer generally requires surgery to remove ovarian cancer and ovarian cancer, the uterus and the fat layer in the abdomen (omenta). Other organs in cancer-like cancers are surgically required. This is followed by chemotherapy treatment. 

Once the diagnosis of ovarian cancer is performed, the patient should be optimized for surgery as soon as possible. Surgery is the first and most important step for diagnosing, diagnosing staging and removing as many manifest visible tumors as possible. At the end of the surgery, it is expected that as many tissues can be removed and no more than 1 cm of the remaining tissue.

Follow-up procedures, as well as advanced treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, should be administered quickly. If chemotherapy is given late, it is possible that cancer cells can grow back. 

For women who are still young or still wanting to have children, the type of surgery may be different in the above. The womb and ovarian side of the rupture may not need to be removed.

Before undergo for chemotherapy or radiotherapy. You should know all the side effect.

Chemotherapy Treatment 

After completion of the surgery, the patient will be given a chemotherapy injection. The purpose of this drug is to kill the ovarian cancer cells left in the body of the patient. Chemotherapy treatment has been around for over 30 years. Chemotherapy can also be given before surgery.

Radiotherapy Treatment

Radiotherapy treatments are used to treat ovarian cancer of germ cells in the early stages. But it is not widely used in other ovarian cancer due to ineffective and severe side-effects, damaging vital organs such as liver, kidneys and small intestine and colon.

Change your lifestyle

Some people don't agree about chemotherapy or radiotherapy. So they will change their lifestyle. For example, eat only organic food every day. No more sugary drink, GMO. food additive, processed food or canned food. This is the best prevention way and we all should apply to start today.

Every food that we ate is either feeding something good or bad in our body. It's the best investment for our health.

Causes of bloated stomach and how to get rid of it naturally | Healthy Self-Love


Get rid of bloated stomach naturally

Who hates a bloated stomach? We see a lot of people that eat so many foods but never gain weight or even a bloated stomach. and here we are eating 1 burger and already felts bloated.

Having a bloated stomach is one of the 'NOPE' lists for both men and women. Many men and women experience bowel problems in adulthood which is one of the causes of a bloated stomach too. Just by having a bloated stomach has improved some people in standing or sitting posture. Great body posture will make us looks like having a flat stomach.

In this blog post, I did not cover a lot about how to get a flat tummy. Because the biggest reason for having a bloated tummy is a bad eating habit. Some of my other blog posts are written about bad eating habit and what food to be avoided

What causes a bloated stomach 

Some of the major causes of a bloated stomach need to be known which is consuming too much junk food, having a bad habit that directly sleeps after eating and lazy to exercise.

How to get a flat tummy

I know some people would say flat tummy overnight, flat tummy in 3 days but the truth is it's not gonna happen overnight. But you can get a flat tummy in 7 days and the result varies for everyone. 

Depends on your body and your eating habits. Eating habit is really important if you wanted to lose weight.

But there are some natural ways to keep your stomach flat as before. You need to work hard and do it daily, to keep your abdomen flat.

How to get rid of it? 

Get rid of bloated stomach naturally

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water will helps with your metabolism. Water helps you flush down body toxin naturally. Therefore drinking plenty of water is strongly encouraged to deflate the stomach naturally. Try aim for 1 liter per day. I know you can drink 1 liter of fruit juice. Now try for 1 liter of water per day or 2 liters. This is the easiest way rather than exercise.

Get rid of bloated stomach naturally


The unhealthy eating habit may cause a bloated stomach. Therefore you are encouraged to set a healthy diet. A healthy diet doesn't mean bland or boring food. Add more spices, savory vegetable, add other ingredients that you never tried. What's important is the nutrients contained in the food that is necessary as our body needs.

More greens, nut, olive oil, Himalayan pink salt.

Less regular table salt, sugary drink.

Get rid of bloated stomach naturally

Mentally tough

Mentally tough will affect your success to get a flat belly. You need to know what food you can eat while on a diet and the food that you need to avoid while on a diet. Your discipline greatly influences your success to get maximum results.

Get rid of bloated stomach naturally

Drink lemon or ginger tea

Lemon is a proven method of having a flat stomach naturally. Drink lemon juice with no sugar every morning and after eating. The term 'weight loss' is always associated with lemonade.

It is intended to detoxify your liver due to the inefficient liver, causing excess fat to form in your waist. The lemon juice can help to enhance the enzyme that detoxifies your liver to function better. F

As for ginger, it helps natural digestion and is a thermogenic agent.

By drinking ginger tea, it increases body temperature which will burn fat more efficiently, especially in the tummy.

Lemon and ginger can easily be made at home!

Weight loss is generally 75% diet and 25% exercise

If you just want to lose weight then your biggest problem is your eating habit. 

The 7 days achiever, weight loss without diet and exercise | Best way lose abdominal weight | BoomBod | Healthy Self-Love


BOOMBOD review, the 7 days achiever

losing weight fast and quick

I'm writing this for the ladies who hate diet plans. I get the struggle and I am here to help you with it.

So who loves drinking shot?

Drink 3 shot in a day. Morning, afternoon and night.

Not the shot that you're thinking. It's the BOOMBOD shot!

The weight loss drink that works fast.

I know some people want to lose weight but don't want to follow diet plans.

So if you're here wanted to lose weight, but don't want to follow diet plans then you're at the right place. In this program, it doesn't agree with diet plans. We know some just can't stick with the diet plans so this program idea will really suit you.

We call it the 7-day achiever program!

In fact, some people who have achieved their result decide to keep a box to get control of their appetite. Others drink a sachet before a big night out to help avoid overindulging. 

There's more with BOOMBOD

  • Clinically Proven
  • Gluten Free
  • No laxatives
  • Vegetarians
  • 10 Calories shot
  • Reduce Bloating
  • Sugar & Aspartame Free

Boombod - 7 day weight loss - BOGO!

The hardest part of losing weight is feeling hungry! Arghh.

Losing weight is not exactly easy. You're always thinking about food, even you just finished your breakfast then you already think about what should you eat for lunch. Constantly feeling hungry cause you to eat snacking, over-indulging and suddenly you're just back to your old eating habits.


BOOMBOD is a shot that helps you to lose weight without feeling hungry

Each 10 calorie shot contains vitamin and a natural fiber to reduce your appetite and is clinically proven to aid weight loss.

I keep on saying about weight loss, weight loss and weight loss, Saying the word won't help you to understand more. Maybe a review from others who drink BOOMBOD will help you, right? 

The secret of BOOMBOD ingredients

The natural fiber Glucomannan is the only active ingredient that has been recognized by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in relation to weight loss. Each shot contains Glucomannan which works by leaving less room food, reduce appetite and helping you eat less.

Glucomannan has been used in Far Eastern cultures for centuries as it also sweeps through the digestive tract collecting food particles and toxins, performing a cleanse without the laxative.

BOOMBOD unique vitamin blend in each sachet

losing weight fast and quick
Image credit: BOOMBOD
Energy & Metabolism

Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin C & more

Vitamin C contributes to normal Energy-yielding metabolism

losing weight fast and quick
Image credit: BOOMBOD
Reduce Tiredness & Fatigue

Zinc, Vitamin B12, B6, B1 & more

Vitamin B12 contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue

losing weight fast and quick
Image credit: BOOMBOD
Rejuvenating Skin & Hair

Biotin, Selenium, Vitamin D3 & more

Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and hair

Take each shot 30 minutes before meals in the morning, afternoon and at night.

How to consume BOOMBOD

  1. Empty one sachet into a shot glass.
  2. Stir for 5 sec with cold water to dissolve
  3. Drink shot straight away
Follow each shot with a glass of water

Easier than cooking.

Does BOOMBOD works? 

I won't answer that question. In fact, I'm gonna show you the consumer result/review. 

Consumer results

losing weight fast and quick
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losing weight fast and quick
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losing weight fast and quick
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losing weight fast and quick
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losing weight fast and quick
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losing weight fast and quick
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losing weight fast and quick
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losing weight fast and quick
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losing weight fast and quick
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losing weight fast and quick
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Best weight loss tips for fast result

BOOMBOD drinks are gonna help you with your weight loss. So you need to help the drink to help you with weight loss too. Seriously, we all know, to achieve great result comes with great commitment and determination.

Nobody is losing weight when all their eating is a 'cheat day food' every day.

All you need is a daily healthy meal. 

People are always blaming the product when they are not losing weight. 

But can you be a successful person, if you don't work hard? 


Can you lose weight, if you're still with the bad habit of eating?

Instead of 100% relying on the product, you need to help yourself too. 

Trust me, it will be worth it.

Spreading the love with BOOMBOD

There are hundreds of review for you.

Above are only a few examples on the happy consumer with the product!

Keep in mind that everyone has a different body and the result are vary.

You don't need a diet plan. But that doesn't mean you can eat everything! Still, need to avoid some food that may cause your result slower than others.

Having a slim body doesn't mean sexy. It's about being healthy.

Healthy body, healthy mind is sexier!

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