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6 Eating Habits That Making You Fat and how to avoid the bad eating habit | Healthy Self-Love


Healthy food has been consumed every day, but why you never lose weight? Something is not right...

It turns out, we did something wrong in our eating habits! In the end, body weight increases instead of decreases.

Yes, wrong eating habits. Weight loss is generally 75% diet and exercise is 25%! There's an analysis of people has lost weight results when they eat smart.

 Bad Eating Habits That Making You Fat


Why skip? Probably late for office and skipping breakfast is a fatal mistake. Trust me, it makes us more likely to overeat in the afternoon.

If you are one of the skip-breakfast meal people, you should buy fruit and put it in your refrigerator. If you running late, then you can just grab one or two of it.

 Bad Eating Habits That Making You Fat

Eat while watching movies

When we are watching television. We wouldn't realize the 1 large bucket of popcorn has just gone by the first hour of the movies! You are just too excited with the movies until you didn't realize how uncontrol you're eating.

Try eating a small amount of food before watching movies. It is fun to eat while watching it, but it isn't fun if we realize how our eating habits are making our weight increase.

 Bad Eating Habits That Making You Fat

Wrong snack

Snacking is fine as long as you choose the healthy type of snack. Pieces of fruit are certainly healthier than chocolate, fried or potato chips.

Pieces of fresh fruit, not the processed fruit that you buy at the grocery store. Fresh is always better, right?

 Bad Eating Habits That Making You Fat

Night eat

Our activities at night are not as much as during the daylight. Sometime during the day we're too busy working and do other stuff. Thus, we tend to eat larger meals at dinner. This habit is one of the causes of weight increase. Our body less active after dinner, therefore it causes your digestion to be less efficient.

Best suggestion is, no eating after 7pm.

 Bad Eating Habits That Making You Fat

Lack of drinking water

Avoid too much coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Although both help with thirst, our body still needs more water so to help our digestive system run smoothly. If you have a desire to eat a snack, drink a glass of water. Sometimes we feel constantly hungry even though the body may be dehydrated

 Bad Eating Habits That Making You Fat

Boredom eating

Have you ever felt so bored and you start eating? That's the habit that you need to kill... Why are you bored anyway? you can always read my blog, and if you need a company you can always leave a message on me? hmm k

But anyway, if you're feeling boring, drink a glass of water and if you still feel hungry then maybe you really are hungry and if you did not feel hungry then the boredom is what you are. 

Remember when the last time you ate? Drinking water can help with food craving.

Avoid these 6 bad habits by understanding the tips above. Wish you all the best!

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