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8 Health tips that will make your future self will thank you for, Number 5 will shock you | Healthy Self-Love


8 Healthy tips that will make your future self 

will thank you for

Healthy living is a lifestyle. You don't need a lot of money to be healthy. Everything depends on yourself, either you really want it, or you don't want it. But hey, everyone wants to be healthy, who doesn't? I just wish I knew these tip earlier so I can apply it daily.

Well, everybody will tell you that nothing is more important than your health and it should be your first priority in life. Sadly, we eat too much food that may become a factor in our disease in our future life. We never ask for a disease, yet we nev

er take good care of our body. But then who am I to blame anyway?
It's our own responsibilities to stay healthy. By any case, if you knew someone who just eats lots of junk food or fast food and never exercise, you should be an angel to that someone. Help her/him with her/him problem, tell her/him health tips that can easily follow.

Being healthy doesn't mean you need to go to the gym, your home is your new gym. You just need to avoid some food to help you lose weight.

8 Health tips that easy to follow

1. Honey 

Honey has anti-bacterial properties which help us to not easily get sick. Instead of adding white or brown sugar into your drink, add-in 1 - 2 tablespoon of honey. We should always try to reduce some sugar intake and go for a natural sweetener, plus it helps with your weight loss progress.

Other than that, honey contains flavonoid, antioxidant, which help to reduce the risk of some cancer. Buy the 100% pure original natural honey. Honey has a lot of benefits, but then some of the sellers will add white sugar in the natural honey, which become unhealthy with that amount of sugar. Try following this guide to help you with this problem.

2. Reduce stress

Do you ever feel stressed that you started to feel migraine/headache, flu, aching muscle or joint pain? Stress is a lot more than emotion. It will affect your daily routine, job, education also your closest friends and family. The most people that likely to feel mental stress are those who are introvert because every problem that occurs they will keep it to themselves.

If you ever feel stressed, too much stress that it hurt a lot more than your words. Try to find some help, find something that you love. I know you're hurting and it will hurt other people too seeing you like this. If you don't want to think about others, think about yourself. Take some rest, find ease in your mind. Go for a vacation, go to the beach, do everything that you wanted to do as long as you don't kill others if that's what you wanted to do huh.

3. Exercise / Move more

I know some people hate exercise. Maybe you can find some friend who loves exercise that you can be influenced by your friends, why not, right? It is better to find friends who influenced you to be a better person. 

Exercise doesn't mean an hour or more at the gym. Ain't nobody got time for that. If you're lazy to exercise, what makes you think you would not be lazy to drive to the gym? You can exercise at your home, today is the technology era. Check youtube video about fitness. The Youtuber even prepared a 7-minute exercise, 10-minute exercise or more.

4. Less alcohol

Less alcohol! Do you want a bloated stomach? Because that's how you got a bloated stomach. It also hurt your immune system. There are people who drink alcohol when they got caught a fever and thinking that drinking alcohol would raise their temperature. It was a myth!

Never drink alcohol when you're sick. You're only making yourself feel sicker, and that's not good obviously. If you love to drink alcohol, you're just making your liver suffered. Don't you feel sad? What if someone makes you suffer? If you don't like to feel suffered, then don't let your liver suffer.

What I really meant is, drinking alcohol may cause dehydration. It also increases your risk of developing liver disease and cause irreparable damage.

5. Sanitize hand and phone

Why is this will shock you? Do you remember the last thing that you touch? We need a microscope to see bacteria or germs. If your eyes have the microscope featured then maybe you can see how dirty is everything. 

Probably you won't even love to touch money too if you can see the germ on it.
Why should you sanitize your phone too? Think about all the places that you have put on your phone all day. On the table, on the floor. It is covered with germs and you put that phone on your face too.

6. More water stay hydrate

Unfortunately, not many people understand how beneficial drinking water actually is. Water keeps the skin looking good. Did you notice, people who do not drink water usually have more skin problems than the ones that do and also have an older looking skin at a very young age. 

Try aim for 2 liters a day. You can make fruit infused water, which not only hydrates your skin but also detoxify your body. Being hydrated can make you look healthier and gives your face a fresh look.

6. More sleep 

Sleep is probably the cheapest way to stay healthy.  An adult at least needs between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. You can sleep for 4 hours or more as long that you have sleep, let your body rest for a while. It is still better than to have a sleepless day.

Lack of sleep impacts your health and emotion. Once I didn't sleep for a day, and it causes me mood swings, hard to focus and headache. Even a small matter can make me crazily angry at that time. 

Ladies, you need to have enough sleep. Your menstrual cycle could be delayed if you have less sleep and high-stress level. Remember to treat yourself something to make you feel happy. Do what you love. Do good, and life will be good.

7. Eating habit 

Food is medicine, everything that you eat is either feeding something good or bad. I always said these, but not many people know how beneficial it is to have a good eating habit. Healthy living is a lifestyle, if you practice good eating habit from now, your future self will be grateful for you today. 

Instead of making other people proud, start making yourself proud. Nothing is better than being proud of yourself.

8. Stop smoking

If you're a smoker then quit. If you're non-smoker then don't go near to people who are smoking. Inhaling the smoke is worst than the smoker. Yes, we all know to quit smoking is hard. But it is not impossible to quit smoking. 

Easy right? You don't buy health, it's all in you. The only responsibilities that you should prioritize.

Apply these tip in your daily life, trust me your future self will be grateful to you now!

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