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Get rid of bloated stomach naturally

Who hates a bloated stomach? We see a lot of people that eat so many foods but never gain weight or even a bloated stomach. and here we are eating 1 burger and already felts bloated.

Having a bloated stomach is one of the 'NOPE' lists for both men and women. Many men and women experience bowel problems in adulthood which is one of the causes of a bloated stomach too. Just by having a bloated stomach has improved some people in standing or sitting posture. Great body posture will make us looks like having a flat stomach.

In this blog post, I did not cover a lot about how to get a flat tummy. Because the biggest reason for having a bloated tummy is a bad eating habit. Some of my other blog posts are written about bad eating habit and what food to be avoided

What causes a bloated stomach 

Some of the major causes of a bloated stomach need to be known which is consuming too much junk food, having a bad habit that directly sleeps after eating and lazy to exercise.

How to get a flat tummy

I know some people would say flat tummy overnight, flat tummy in 3 days but the truth is it's not gonna happen overnight. But you can get a flat tummy in 7 days and the result varies for everyone. 

Depends on your body and your eating habits. Eating habit is really important if you wanted to lose weight.

But there are some natural ways to keep your stomach flat as before. You need to work hard and do it daily, to keep your abdomen flat.

How to get rid of it? 

Get rid of bloated stomach naturally

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water will helps with your metabolism. Water helps you flush down body toxin naturally. Therefore drinking plenty of water is strongly encouraged to deflate the stomach naturally. Try aim for 1 liter per day. I know you can drink 1 liter of fruit juice. Now try for 1 liter of water per day or 2 liters. This is the easiest way rather than exercise.

Get rid of bloated stomach naturally


The unhealthy eating habit may cause a bloated stomach. Therefore you are encouraged to set a healthy diet. A healthy diet doesn't mean bland or boring food. Add more spices, savory vegetable, add other ingredients that you never tried. What's important is the nutrients contained in the food that is necessary as our body needs.

More greens, nut, olive oil, Himalayan pink salt.

Less regular table salt, sugary drink.

Get rid of bloated stomach naturally

Mentally tough

Mentally tough will affect your success to get a flat belly. You need to know what food you can eat while on a diet and the food that you need to avoid while on a diet. Your discipline greatly influences your success to get maximum results.

Get rid of bloated stomach naturally

Drink lemon or ginger tea

Lemon is a proven method of having a flat stomach naturally. Drink lemon juice with no sugar every morning and after eating. The term 'weight loss' is always associated with lemonade.

It is intended to detoxify your liver due to the inefficient liver, causing excess fat to form in your waist. The lemon juice can help to enhance the enzyme that detoxifies your liver to function better. F

As for ginger, it helps natural digestion and is a thermogenic agent.

By drinking ginger tea, it increases body temperature which will burn fat more efficiently, especially in the tummy.

Lemon and ginger can easily be made at home!

Weight loss is generally 75% diet and 25% exercise

If you just want to lose weight then your biggest problem is your eating habit. 

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