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April 2019 Cesarean Awareness World, What you should know about Cesarean, Risk and Side effect to the mother and infants


In the past 40 years, the birth rate of babies through Cesarean section has increased. But even though the Cesarean operation has become a common thing in modern society today, still many young Mothers don't fully understand the Cesarean causes and risks. 

Cesarean is the birth process that is done by doing surgery to a pregnant mother. Usually, the surgery is done with the mother in a conscious state with local anesthesia on the abdomen an legs of the mother, so she can immediately hug the little one once she is born. 

Total anesthesia is only done in an emergency case.

Cesarean section is a medical procedure

In many cases, a Cesarean section is performed with a type of epidural anesthesia where the mother can remain conscious during the operation process. The majority of mothers undergoing labor by Cesarean section can return home 3 - 5 days after the surgical procedure.

However, to be completely recovered, routine care is needed at home and regular control to the obstetrician for approximately one month or more.

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When is Cesarean section needed?

Prolonged labor

If the labor process has not been completed, has stopped or not progress, then this is the most common indication of Cesarean section. Many causes this, for example, the baby's head is too big or the cervix does not open perfectly

Baby Oxygen Deficiency (Severe Fetus)

If after doing the examination it turns out that there is a problem with the baby's heartbeat that cancels fetal distress, then cesarean section may be the best choice.

Abnormal Fetal Position

A cesarean section may be a safe choice for giving birth to a baby in a breech or transverse position. Twin fetus, three, and so on. When a mother contains more than one fetus, usually one or more fetuses are in an abnormal position. Because the Cesarean section is often safer.

Placenta problem

If the placenta is released from the uterus before labor begins, or the placenta covers the opening of the cervix, Cesarean section is the safest way to give birth to a baby.

Umbilical cord problems

The umbilical cord is tucked through the cervix so that it is compressed or the occurrence of cord loops.

Maternal health problems

Doctors may recommend a Cesarean section if the mother has a medical condition that can make normal labor dangerous, such as unstable heart disease or high blood pressure.

Health problems in the fetus

A Cesarean section is sometimes safer for babies who have certain development conditions, such as excess fluid in the brain.

Depending on the type of uterine incision and other factors, it may be possible for a mother to give birth normally after previously having a Cesarean delivery. However, in some cases, doctors recommend the Cesarean section.

What are the possible complications of Cesarean section?

Even though Cesarean is an operating procedure, it also has some risks or side effects. Here are some of the risks of Cesarean section for mothers and babies.

Risk of Cesarean section in infants

Respiratory problems

Babies born by Cesarean section are more likely to develop transient tachypnea, respiratory problems are characterized by abnormally rapid breathing during the first few days after birth

Surgical injury

Although rare, scalpel scratches can accidentally hit the baby's skin during surgery.

Risk of Cesarean section in Mothers

Inflammation and infection of the membrane lining the uterus

Symptoms that can be caused are fever, foul-smelling vaginal discharge, and uterine pain

Losing a lot of blood

Mothers will lose more blood than normal labor. But rarely to need a blood transfusion.

Reaction to anesthesia

Indeed this is rare, the symptoms are severe headaches for several days.

Surgical injury

Although rare, surgical wounds to nearby organs, such as the bladder can occur during cesarean section, if this happens, additional surgery may be needed.

Infection wounds

Infection in or around the incision site may occur

Blood clots

The risk of blood clots in blood vessels
  • in the legs or pelvic organs
  • is greater after Cesarean section compared to normal delivery.
If a blood clot to the lungs, then this problem can be life-threatening.

The risk of uterine rupture or uterine tearing in the former incision in previous surgery is also higher than normal labor.


The uterus is a life-threatening emergency that must be treated immediately

Normal childbirth Vs Cesarean section

The Cesarean section is the choice of several young mothers, but some mother does not have a choice and have to do a Cesarean section. Reluctant to wait for hours while experiencing pain before the baby normally is the main reason why they prefer cesarean section.

Normal childbirth reduces the risk of infection

The surgical process has a risk of infection in patients and this applies also to patients who undergo a Cesarean section.

Although this is rare, there are times when the mother has an infection in a suture wound after a cesarean section due to several factors. One of them is a less hygienic treatment of surgical wounds.

Normal childbirth increases the baby's immune

According to Dr. Robbie Davis-Floyd, a gynecologist from the University of Texas Austin, newborns from normal childbirth can be 'contaminated' with bacteria from their mothers. He will have high endurance and have high endurance and have a stronger inner connection with the mother.

This is different from babies born by Cesarean section where it will be 'contaminated' with bacteria from nurses and doctors who handle it after birth.

Cesarean Mother

Cesarean mother is a strong mother! They manage to overcome fear and receive any complications that be passed throughout the surgery and after surgery. In fact, they also know the complications they will receive in the next pregnancy but they continue to get pregnant and pray for the normal birth they can go through.

Cesarean mother is a brave mother because we know that husband or family is not allowed to accompany the mother during the surgery. How nervous it is to be surrounded by a Doctor or nurses in the surgeon? 

Cesarean mother is a mother who does not care about the scar that is clearly visible in her abdomen. The scar is a window to the birth of a child in the world and no matter how big and wide it is, it does not interfere the emotions of the mother but is a lifelike reminder that can be shared with the child of the sacrificial mark during childbirth.

Regardless of the Cesarean or normal delivery though, favors of being a mother should not be denied at all.

Given anesthesia, worn from the skin to the womb, sewed over layers, then woke up after a few hours after the effect of anesthesia is gone.

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