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Mental Health Awareness! 6 Types of Mental Illness? What are the causes of Mental illness, can it be cure?

Mental Health Awareness! What is mental illness? What are the causes of Mental illness, can it be cure?

What is a mental illness? 

Mental illness is a disease that interferes with the functioning of the brain that can cause a change in the process of thinking, feeling, and behavior of a person that causes disturbance to live a good day's activities. 

Only 6 that I listed here, there is more Mental Illness out there. I really wish everyone aware of their friends or family behavior changes. So you could help them before it's too late.

Also, check out the video included here, it really does help you to understand more about this topic. 

Are all mental illnesses similar?

Mental illness is not just a disease. It consists of various categories of disease. Generally, mental illness can be divided into 3 main groups:

1. Neurosis

Video Source:

What is Neuroticism? (Five-factor model of personality) by Dr.Todd Grande

Those who belong to this group often experience changes and disturbances in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors without compromising their sanity.

Individuals suffering from neurosis are often aware of their health condition. Their daily functionality may be minimized. Among the examples of neurotic diseases are as follows.

2. Depression

Video Source:

I Am Depressed But My Parents Don't Believe Me by Actually happened

Depression is a sense of extreme sadness and prolonged feeling. Sad is the feeling we often experience. But if the sad feelings are too heavy to be borne and prolonged over 2 weeks and disrupt the functioning of everyday life then it is not sad but a disease of depression.

3. Anxiety

Video Source:

Anxiety(animation) by Katzun

This disease is caused by anxiety and restlessness. Someone will feel stressed, tense, sweating, palpitating and feeling too afraid of the dangers that they do not know even know what is the causes.

4. Psychosis

Video Source:

Experience a psychotic episode as described by schizophrenia

Those who suffer from psychosis have undergone significant changes in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Their adjuncts are also affected. Patients will feel confused by experiencing the occult voices communicating with them.

It is known as hallucination. They also have strange beliefs that are not shared by others and cause extreme reactions from the patients. It is called delusions. Among the examples of delusions are, there are people who want to prosecute or do something evil to them causing them to act to harm people who are believed to be harmful.

They may speak with a swollen/grunt, behaving freakishly like talking a person, laughing or getting angry with no cause. 

5. Schizophrenia

Video Source:

Schizophrenia Simulation by That Rick 904

Among the key features are, hallucinations, delusion, mental disorders, speech disorders, and behavior. Their work performance also declined significantly.

Bead-depressive disorder(bipolar). This disease results in significant changes in emotionally. They often lose control and become overjoyed(bead phase) or too sad (phase of depression)

6. Personality Disorder

Video Source:

I Have Borderline Personality Disorder by Minutesvideos

Basically, this disorder makes one person experience character or character disabilities. These problems can affect interpersonal relationships with the people around them.

Or others, they call it a personality disorder.

What causes mental illness?

The cause is not known properly. Studies are still underway to determine the exact cause of the disease. However, there are several factors that contribute to mental illness.

1. Genetic/heredity factors

Members in families with a history of mental illness are at higher risk than those with no history of the disease

2. Chemical disruption in the brain

When a chemical in the brain known as a neurotransmitter is not functioning well the symptoms of mental illness will emerge. For example

Schizophrenia: Excessive dopamine production

Mania: The serotonin level increases dramatically

Concerns: There is disruption in the production and function of noradrenaline

3. Viral infection:

According to studies, there is a disease caused by viral infections that have been associated with mental illness

4. Bizarre life history

For example experiencing a difficult birth process, losing a small child, too much of a difficult life challenge

5. Low socio-economic situation

Poverty, no basic facilities or violence in society can increase mental illness.

Mental Health Awareness! What is mental illness? What are the causes of Mental illness, can it be cure?

Can mental illness be cured?


Progress in modern medicine has enabled the discovery of more effective medicines in treating mental illness.

Almost all medicines used to treat mental illness take time before their positive effects can be seen. Patient continuing rug intake is consistently strongly encouraged.

In addition to psychotropic drugs support approaches such as counseling, psychotherapy, cognitive  therapy, group therapy, family therapy, psychological education, therapeutic recovery therapy, and psycho-social recovery have proved as equally important

Mental Health Awareness! What is mental illness? What are the causes of Mental illness, can it be cure?

Is there any test that can detect the existence of mental illness?

Yes, those who want to know their mental health status can take a simple and simple test general health questionnaire (GHQ)

Mental health illness is real. Have you ever see a news report about suicidal? Some said that the people who suicide is stupid and they just laugh at them. You don't know what mental illness is. You don't know, your laugh may lead to someone suicide. 

If this thing happens to one of your family member or your close friend... Would you still laugh? Would you still say that they're stupid for doing such a thing?

Please don't be a selfish person. Help others, listen to others. It's never too late to be kind to others. It cost NOTHING to be kind.

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  1. Very informative post about some of the main types of mental illnesses :) Thank you for sharing, I'll be sure to follow and pin.
    I'm also a mental health related blog and love to see fellow writers who are interested about the same things.

    - Nyxie

  2. What a very good post to spread awareness! I didn't know there were so many types of mental illness and so many different causes, thank you for educating me on this topic

  3. Informative post. Much awareness needed in today's hectic world where everyone is trying to achieve success. Didn't knew mental illness could have distinct variations. Some time I too suffer from anxiety when I get restless. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you! Btw, how are you doing now? Life can be busy sometime, but always get some rest okay? Take care wherever you are :)

  4. Such great information. I’m so glad that you talked about empathy and taking a person seriously when it comes to mental illnesses. Sometimes it’s hard to understand another persons feelings but it’s so important to try. ❤️

    1. Thank you Jenna! Yes, it is hard to understand another person feelings, but at least we try our best to help him/her

  5. This’s such an amazing post! Well explained and very informative. I suffer from depression and anxiety! Taking about mental health could bring awareness and we all have the power to make a difference. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thank you so much safa. How are you? I hope you're doing okay wherever you are. Take care :)

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