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Stress Awareness Month 2019, How to reduce stress and dealt with it | The tips and guidelines for healthy mental and physical | Healthy self-Love


What is stress?

Stress is a person physical emotional and mental reactions experienced by a person that can not be fulfilled.

Stress can also be experienced when faced with unpleasant smells, like a rotten tomato, loud sounds and swear words. ANYONE, kid, teenager, adult or senior citizen can experience stress!

Generally, the level of stress faced by a person varies according to the stress burden faced. Some stress helps us to be more productivity, which we turn some bad things into a good thing. 

However, when a person having a hard time handling stress, or excessive stress, can cause negative effects, and harm health and increase the risk of disease.

There are various ways we can do in handling stress. Stress can be controlled individually or through the help of family members or friends.

And I will never forget what my father said to me. It is better to quit a job for your health rather than having a job but you're not mentally happy. Well, no matter what I am still daddy little daughter, and I directly quit my 9 - 5 job after that. 

There's a story behind the reason why my daddy said that to me.

Anywhere... Today's post is about stress awareness month and if you feel like to talk about your stress, you can go through my personal Facebook or Instagram. Drop a hi, tell me where you from and I will reply to you. Maybe you think that nobody listens to you, but I am here to listen. You don't have to subscribe, I need friends more than a subscriber. I hope we can be friends

I know you already went through a really rough time. Mostly everyone went through a rough time cause of stress. I really hope everyone can control stress in our daily life. 

Here a tip or guidelines to reduce stress and dealing with it

I tried to pack the 101 tips with this blog post... I hope it helps!

Calm yourself 

Whenever you feel stressed or feeling tired, take it easy. Take a deep breath, do a respiratory exercise that increases of oxygen and carbon dioxide in body cells to reduce tension. It can help to reduce negative stress at a startup stage.

Keep repeating yourself to relax

Try to say this to yourself. 

Yes, you feel stress. Yes, others feel stress too. Yes, nobody knows how stressful my life is but then nobody knows about other life as well. 

We see a lot of people looking happy, always smile, but the truth is we don't know what is really in their head. Maybe that is just how they dealt with their stress, always smiling and the fact that a simple smile may cause someone else smiles back. 

It's ok to be NOT ok. You are human, if you don't feel anything, you're nothing but a robot. It's okay to feel stress, a little discomfort. It's just proved that you are a human being. A perfectly human being that has been created by God with love.

Share feeling with someone

Like I said earlier, you can message me. I love talking to someone through social media, it's a SOCIAL media, right?

Or talk to your family members or close friends who you trust and understand your feelings. Express and share your feeling with them. They will help you to go through with it.

When you share your feelings with others, you will feel relieved and this will reduce the pressure in your head. You will feel that there are still people who love and care about you.


When you stress, normally the muscles in the neck and shoulders become strained. Learn how to massage your neck and shoulder as this massage can relieve muscle tension and promote blood transfusions.

A foot massage can also be done to reduce stress. It doesn't have to be massaged. If you love manicure and pedicure, do it. If you love reading, do it. Do what you love, it helps to reduce your stress.

Listen to good music

You type of music is good too as long as you love what you're listening! When you're stressed out, calm yourself while listening to the soft music. If you love metal song, go for it. As long as it really helps you relax. 

For tips, if you're listening to a soft soothing song, try to lighten up your candle and your essential oil. Just do it, I don't want to tell you why. I want you to do it ;)

I know the soft and soothing music helps to reduce stress. But everyone is has a different type of music. Just by listening to music can help reduce heart rate and your body will start to relax and your breathing will return to normal.

Go out

Spend a bit of your time doing outdoor activities with your family or friends. Do the activity you love. Walking can calm your thoughts and make you feel happy and eliminate stress.


Exercise can also help reduce muscle tension and stress. By exercising it can increase the production of hormones and dorsal and you will feel relieved and tense. Among the exercise activities, you can do is walk, dancing or jogging

Positive thinking

Stress can also occur due to prejudice and misinterpretation of a situation. Try to think positively where you try to see the good or the positive situation in any negative situation.

We need to think positively to increase our self-esteem and it will help us deal with stress more effectively. You need to surround yourself with positive people, to eliminate all the negative thought that causes by your stress.

These tips can help your physical stress effects such as heartbeat, anxiety, nervousness, headaches and so on. Stress must be handled continuously, yes continuously. Everyone feels stress, and everyone dealt with stress every day and if they can do that, so can you.

The cause of stress needs to be identified and always need to be taken to find a solution to the cause of the stress. You can also practice the appropriate fitness skills to handle your stress.

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