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Your teeth are yellow because of these 5 unconscious habits, 99% of people do number 3 | Learn how to whiten teeth naturally and avoid doing things that make your teeth stained


Your teeth are yellow because of these 5 unconscious habits, 99% of people do number 3

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reason yellow teeth occur and how to whiten teeth

Everyone certainly wants to have white, clean and healthy teeth. But sometimes, teeth can turn yellow even though we're brushing it every day. If this is what you are experiencing, yellow teeth may be caused by your daily habits that YOU are doing unconsciously.

Daily habits that cause yellow teeth Reported from Prevention, Harold Katz, Dentist and founder of California Breath Clinics explained that besides genetic factors and certain diseases, yellow teeth can be caused by your daily habits that erode enamel.

However, not many people know that the true color of the teeth is actually not really white as shown in the ad. Teeth are coated with enamel, which makes the color of the teeth naturally look bluish white and somewhat translucent. Under the enamel layer, there is a yellow dentine layer. When the enamel continues to erode, what will be seen is dentine. This is what makes teeth yellow

Listed below might be one of your unconscious habits that can make your teeth yellow.

reason yellow teeth occur and how to whiten teeth

1. Often drinking coffee, soda, tea, red wine, and alcohol

The high caffeine content in coffee, tea, and energy drinks can erode tooth enamel if consumed excess is more than 3 times a day. While soda the carbonated drinks contains acid which also has the same effect on teeth as coffee and tea.

When the enamel is eroded, the stain can remain on the dentine so that the teeth will turn yellow if you did not properly brush teeth regularly.

In addition, these drinks generally contain sugar which can attract the attention of bacteria in the mouth so that acid production increase and can also make teeth easily perforated and exposed to other dental diseases.

Reducing the consumption of tea, coffee and soda is an important part of dental health care.

2. Smoking may cause teeth discoloration

One of the effects of smoking is the change in the color of the teeth to yellow due to the content of nicotine and tar in tobacco attached to tooth enamel/ This effect can also occur immediately in a very short time. Heavy smokers can even have brownish and even black teeth after years of smoking.

Because there are too many negative effects that occur due to smoking, please considering quitting smoking is the wisest step.

3. Often eat sour fruit

Oranges, tomatoes, pineapple, berries, lemon, or other sour fruits are often served as juice. These fruits are rich in vitamins but also has a high level of citric acid that has the same pH level as the acid in your stomach. The acidity from these citrus fruits causes the enamel of your teeth to erode and tooth decay occurs only if you consume it often.

Therefore, to prevent yellow teeth, you must balance the water requirements after consuming the fruit. Like you always heard from people, try to aim for 2 or 3 liters of water a day.

4. Often use mouthwash

Many types of mouthwash sold in stores have high acid levels. If it is used too often it will make the mouth dry and eventually damage the tooth enamel. When dry mouth occurs, saliva does not work optimally to help maintain mouth moisture, reduce acidity, immobilize bad bacteria, and prevent stains from sticking to the enamel.

I recommend that you consult your doctor first before using any types of mouthwash that is appropriate to the condition of your teeth and the limit of use of the mouthwash. Because the use of mouthwash too often is also associated with diabetes.

5. Brush teeth quickly and hard 

Cleaning teeth are not only routine, but cleaning techniques must also be correct. If you rub it hard and too often, it can put pressure, damage the thin enamel layer, and expose the dentine later, so the teeth turn yellow.

It's best to pay attention to how to brush your teeth, slowly and not brush it too hard. Clean teeth regularly, twice a day in the morning and before going to bed. In order for the results to be more satisfying, clean the teeth with dental floss to remove plaque attached to the teeth.

How to reduce yellow teeth

reason yellow teeth occur and how to whiten teeth

For those of you who want to have white and clean teeth, there is no need to buy expensive. This trick can help with yellow teeth, but, it takes time for a great result and need to do it regularly.

Although, you still can buy if you want a really fast result in tooth whitening, yes you can buy it. But always check the ingredient of the product and the product review/rating before buying anything. 

Anyway, the natural way below can be done daily to get white teeth as desired. The good thing is you can find almost everything listed below for your teeth whitening.

1. Pink Himalayan Salt for teeth whitening

Not rubbing the salt directly to the teeth or use the salt put an amount of salt on the toothbrush and brush it too hard. May cause damage to your gum if you not doing it gently. 

But rinsing your mouth with warm salt water. It helps whiten your teeth naturally and is a natural antibacterial, making it hard for bacteria to survive in an alkaline environment. 

You can use other types of salt, but I suggest you use Himalayan Salt since it has a lot of health benefit other than teeth whitening.

2. Charcoal powder for teeth

There's a lot of company this day using charcoal as the based of the product such as charcoal face mask, charcoal toothbrush, charcoal foam cleanser and many more.

Charcoal has alkaline content and able to erode and clean the yellow stains that stick to the teeth. Only use a small amount of charcoal because if use it often, it may also erode the tooth enamel. 

The trick is, finely grind or crush the charcoal (make it look like flour but a charcoal version) and add warm water. Try to make the texture of it like the actual toothpaste then you can brush on your teeth

3. Banana peel for teeth whitening

After eating bananas, you should not immediately remove the skin. Banana skin can be used to clean yellow teeth. Just gently rub the inside of the banana peel around the teeth evenly for about 2 minutes.

After threes weeks, your teeth will have whitened. Always do it consistently for a better result.

4. Baking soda for teeth

Baking soda, which is a famous ingredient for making a cake, turns out to have hidden benefits, which can whiten yellow teeth naturally. Baking soda has the ability to cause stained teeth to become more whiten. Use the baking soda and rubbed it gently around the teeth and let it sit for 3 - 5 minutes then you can rinse your mouth. 

5. Milk

Besides being beneficial for increasing calcium intake in the body, mile also has benefits that can be used to clean teeth from yellow stains. Even the phosphorus and magnesium contained in milk can also be used to strengthen teeth from the inside. 

It's not just helping to whiten your teeth, but it also contains lactic acid and calcium for stronger bones!

You need to consume enough milk regularly. Approximately, 2 cups of milk per day.

6. Bay leaf

I love bay leaf! Bay leaf is rich in ingredients that can maintain healthy teeth effectively. It contains tannin, flavonoids, vitamin A, B, C, D and calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. 

Use the fresh bay leaf. Finely mash or grind the leaf and mix with water to form a paste then you can use it as a toothpaste.

6 listed above are the trick that you can do at home for teeth whitening

Always put a heart in everything that you're doing. Yes, the result is slower. I'm not promising you to get white teeth overnight. It takes time, always does it regularly for the best result. 

However, if you're the one who can't wait for the result. Maybe you need to attend an important event in a week or anything and those yellow teeth might ruin your reputation. You can try for a tooth whitening product. 

Some whitening product you can try is:

Fyi: Product listed are the best that have positive feedback, review/rating, and fair price. However, there is still negative feedback from the buyer. I try my best to only listed the honest review and positive feedback by reading every comment from the verified buyer. Not everyone has the same experience using the product. 

To buy or not to buy is your choices.

Thank you.


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This product surely has a lot of positive feedback. The majority that gives this product a negative review is about the USB problem.


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There is more positive feedback than negative. As for the negative reviews, some customer claim it didn't work and messy. However, there's more customer that are satisfied with the result.

Everyone has a different color of teeth and as a buyer, you need to refer to product manual before using it. Because of the product description, it did say to open the jar carefully for the first time cause it might become messy.


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There's customer claiming that the product gives immediate result but some don't. After reading the negative feedback, they suggest you buy a gum protector cause the gel might be strong.

However, different people, different result.


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Just like the other product review for this, some see the result and some don't. 


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Most customers are satisfied with the result, however, negative feedback from the customer saying that the product did not help with whiten teeth.

As we can see, all product that is listed here I choose by good rating and review. Some customer included a photo before and after. However, the first thing that we all should know is every person has a different result.

If you one of a soon-to-be-buyer customer, please consult with your dental care. They will give you the best advice since they're the one who knows about your teeth condition.

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