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I stop consuming my Apple Detox Thailand and try this.. Which is better!



Previously I told you guys about Apple Detox Thailand that I consume that helps with bowel movement.

Firstly, Apple Detox Thailand is a dietary supplement that helps bowel regulation. Just take 1 capsules in the morning after breakfast and drink 2 or 3 liter of water. Then wait for the magic to happen after 3 - 4 hours.

But if you haven't read the review yet, then you should read it. Because, why not?

At first, I really love consuming Apple Detox Thailand Capsule. On my reviews post, I told you from day 1 to day 4 experience.

I know it's just a 4-day experience, but I'm consuming it only to regulate my bowel movements. Not for weight loss or brighter and clear skin (Capsules contain Vit C). If I'm about to write about weight loss or anything I wouldn't write a review that I only consume for 4 days.

That capsule works in 3 - 4 hours for bowel regulation. Day 3 was not good for me... The worst.

I know I said it is worst, but I still consume it since it really helps with constipation.

I stop consuming Apple Detox Thailand capsules after 2 weeks and started to drink Chia Seed.

I search on the internet on how to consume it, and some would recommend it to take 1 tablespoon in a warm glass of water. But for me, I use 2 tablespoons of Chia Seed and drink it.

The Chia Seed will get sticky or jelly consistency when it sits in the water. So I always stir it, just to make sure it won't stick to each other. lol

The taste is just like jelly. As for me, it tastes good and it works better than the Capsules.

The different is, I can get a severe stomach ache for consuming Apple Detox. It is not good, but I was just desperate for it. Always felt good after overcoming the stomachache.

And for Chia Seed, I drink it in the morning and at night. Next day, it will help to regulate bowel movement in the morning! I am happy with it. Since drinking Chia Seed won't give me any stomachache like how Apple Detox does.

Other than that, Chia Seed also helps control my hunger.

By the way, I only drink it cause I love the taste, I can cook it or eat it raw, and it helps with bowel movement. I am not consuming it for weight loss or diet program.

Chia Seed never fails to impress me every morning LOL

I only know Chia Seed help with bowel movement. But after a little deep research about it, I learn a lot more about Chia Seed health benefits.

It has tons of benefit!

It also has a lot of way on how to consume Chia Seed.

As for me, I sprinkled a tablespoon of Chia Seed on my rice bowl. The rice texture is soft, adding a little of Chia Seed gave it a crunch and nutty tastes!

1. Chia Seed Omelette

I know it doesn't look good if you cook this. Just don't think about the looks, the tastes itself is better than a normal omelet. An extra crunch from Chia Seed will bring your omelet into a different level of deliciousness.

2. Banana Split Sprinkle Chia Seed

Even the word is rhyme! The sweetness and soft texture of banana and a sprinkle of Chia Seed will surely give your fruits on another level! Instead of chocolate rice sprinkled, why not use Chia Seed as a sprinkle? It tastes nutty and has an extra crunch.

3. Ice-Cream

Any flavor is good, trust me. Chia Seed will give the crunch that you want in the ice cream. Chia seed is just so good that you don't need a specific ice cream flavor to make it delicious.

4. Coconut water

Add a tablespoon of Chia Seed in your coconut water and it will taste much more delicious than before. Just a plain glass of water is good too. I did mention above that I drink Chia Seed in the morning and at night.

You can use Chia Seed as a sprinkler at anything, from savory food to dessert. Make your food healthier with a tablespoon of Chia Seed.

Chia Seed Benefits for Body Health 

1. Helps Lose Weight 

If it's true, then the Chia Seed can be one of the first choices you can consider. What makes Chia Seeds can help you lose weight is because of the rich fiber content. 

Normal Chia Seed intake of 25-38 grams a day, has been able to help you reduce excess weight. A study in Brazil, proves that Chia Seed plays a role in reducing fat, besides that the protein content is also proven to reduce craving or hunger and weight loss. 

The method is quite easy, just add two tablespoons of Chia Seed to a glass of water and mix well. Wait a few minutes, then drink immediately before expanding due to water absorption. Chia Seeds will absorb water in the stomach and then expand, which will suppress your appetite which in turn can cause weight loss. Interested in trying it?


* This is so true, I was consuming Chia Seed only for bowel regulation. I didn't know that it can suppress my appetite. And consuming Chia Seed drink helps to reduce my hunger and feels satiety.

2. Rich in Omega-3s Fatty Acids

Chia Seed is one of the few types of seeds or grains which are very good sources of omega-3s fatty acids, even contain more omega-3s than salmon. 

3. Helps Prevent Constipation 

It turns out that the benefits of Chia Seed can be used as a constipation drug too. This is because Chia Seed contains a lot of fiber, especially insoluble fiber. Chia Seeds will turn into jelly when they come into contact with water. This is what will help smooth bowel movements, so that it can ultimately reduce constipation. A study has also found evidence that fiber in the Chia Seed can also help improve digestion.

*Also true! It really helps with constipation. 2 tablespoon in the morning, and at night will surely help you

4. Regulates Blood Sugar and Helps Prevent Diabetes

The ability of the Chia Seed to slow digestion can be linked to the prevention of diabetes. Chia Seed layers that can change like gelatin when exposed to water can also prevent a surge in blood sugar levels. 

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Chia Seed is one of the foods considered useful in the treatment of diabetes, because it has the ability to improve blood pressure levels in diabetics. Another reason why Chia Seed is good for diabetics is the presence of omega-3 fatty acids which are known to be very important for the treatment of this disease. 

*For those of you who are affected / potentially diabetic, now you know that the benefits of Chia Seed are very good for you. But, consult your doctor if you want to try Chia Seed and ask for a piece of advice about your condition.

5. Combating Breast Cancer and other forms of Cancer

Did you know, it turns out that Chia Seed has the ability to fight cancer. 

A report published by UCSF Medical Center states that Chia Seed is a good source of alpha-linoleic acid and can help prevent breast cancer. In addition, Chia Seed oil is also found to have anti-cancer properties that can reduce tumor growth and inhibit cancer cell replication. Small but amazing, the benefits of this Chia Seed.

6. Helps Lower Cholesterol 

Again because of these omega-3s fatty acids that make Chia Seed so popular. These fatty acids are known to help lower blood cholesterol and prevent coronary heart disease. Monounsaturated fats (monounsaturated fats) in Chia Seeds are also proven to help lower cholesterol levels. 

The benefits of Chia Seed are also supported by several studies. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics also states that adding Chia Seeds to food can help maintain cholesterol levels. 

*And again if you're someone who has a problem with cholesterol, try consume Chia Seed. 

7. Helps Improve Cardiovascular Health 

According to a report published by West Virginia University, the content of omega-3 fatty acids from Chia Seed can improve heart health and prevent heart-related diseases. 

In addition, omega-3s are also known to reduce triglyceride production, reduce the risk of irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia), lower blood pressure, and slow the accumulation of arterial plaques. 

8. Increase Energy and Metabolism 

For those of you who like to exercise or often do heavy activities, try to consume Chia Seed. Chia Seed contains vitamins B, zinc, iron and magnesium, all of which can help increase energy. 

A report published by the University of New Hampshire states that Chia Seeds can also increase the body's metabolism. Seeing the benefits of this one chia seed, there's nothing wrong if we mix it into a drink to feel a refreshing burst of energy after exercising or heavy activity. 

*Pro Tip: Try adding Chia Seed in your coconut drink!

9. Can be Used as a Pre-Workout Drink After exercising or fitness, sometimes it's not tiring. 

With the large amount of omega-3 contained in it, Chia Seed can be used to maintain energy. To get the benefits of the Chia Seed, it's enough to consume drinks from the Chia Seed a few hours before exercise, so you will get additional fuel when the carbohydrates have burned out. 

In addition, Chia Seed, if consumed after exercise, is able to provide protein that can help repair tissue.

10. Source of Protein 

We don't need to discuss the importance of protein, right? Chia Seed is a great source of protein and it contains 19% protein. 

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a high-protein diet can reduce hunger and encourage satiety. Chia seed contains high-quality protein with all the amino acids the body needs, so don't hesitate to start consuming it. 

11. Natural mood booster

Chia Seed is considered as one of the 'superfood', because these grains are believed to improve mood when consumed regularly. 

In accordance with research in Pittsburgh, omega-3 fatty acids are associated with increased mood and behavior. So, it could be that consuming chia seed will help improve the mood while eliminating your anxiety. 

12. Antioxidants 

Surely we all already know how important antioxidants are. Well, this Chia Seed, is said to contain high amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants are not only good for cells, but also for the skin, because they can help slow down the signs of aging. Very suitable for women who want to always look beautiful and attractive. 

Antioxidants in  Chia Seeds have also been shown to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. This high antioxidant content also makes it able to last longer if stored compared to other seeds / grains. 

13. Good for bones and teeth 

One study has shown that increasing consumption of calcium-rich foods, such as  Chia Seed, can improve bone health. Regular consumption of  Chia Seed, is also considered as one of the effective ways to improve calcium intake. 

Apart from calcium,  Chia Seed, are also rich in manganese, both of which are very important for maintaining strong bones and teeth. Chia Seed, is also rich in phosphorus, a mineral that is proven to improve bone health. 

14. Can Improve Skin Health 

Omega-3 fatty acids in Chia Seed have been shown to increase circulation and reduce dryness and inflammation in the skin. 

According to studies in Manchester, omega-3 can help protect the skin from UV radiation. In addition, Chia Seed also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that can help prevent wrinkles or sagging skin. 

*For everyone who want to looks good and stay in shape, are you still not tempted to try this big nutritious little one?

15. Gluten Free

Gluten is a protein present in cereal grains, especially wheat, and the reason why the texture of dough can become elastic is all because of gluten. In certain individuals, gluten is known to cause gluten allergy or intolerance. 

However, with Chia Seed, you who are gluten allergic can breathe freely, because Chia Seed is 100% gluten free! Chia Seed is very beneficial for individuals who suffer from celiac disease. Someone with celiac disease tends to consume less calcium and fiber than is recommended, now the Chia Seed which is rich in both nutrients can bridge the gap. 

So by consuming Chia Seed, those of you who suffer from celiac disease can fulfill calcium and fiber needs at the same time without having to worry about the gluten content in it.

Side Effects of Chia Seed

I always said that nothing is good if you're consuming it in a large or overdose. 

If you think everything that has a good, will be forever good or safe, the answer is certainly no. Likewise with Chia Seed. Behind so many benefits and goodness, this one plant still has side effects, such as the following: 

1. May Increase the Risk of Prostate Cancer 

As we have seen before, the Chia Seed contains high amounts of alpha-linolenic acid. Some studies show that the very high amount of alpha-linolenic acid can increase the risk of prostate cancer. 

2. Other Side Effects from Chia Seed 

Chia seed does contain high fiber and is good for health. But sometimes, excessive fiber can even bring adverse effects such as causing flatulence, diarrhea, and constipation. Chia seeds also act as natural blood thinners. 

Therefore, if you are someone who uses blood thinners (such as warfarin), avoid chia seed. Also, do not consume Chia Seed after surgery to avoid bleeding. Chia Seed can also cause blood pressure levels to drop dramatically, affect blood sugar, cause stomach cramps, and even have certain (but unclear) effects on pregnant women. 

*If used it properly, then it's safe. Chia Seed may have a risk if they are not consumed properly. Make sure to consult your doctor before consuming any kind of health food or supplement.

The content of Chia Seed which has a variety of diverse nutrients can indeed attract our hearts to consume it. So many benefits of Chia Seed that we can feel when consuming it. But still, pay attention to the side effects. Also, avoid over-consumption so that its properties can be obtained to the maximum and avoid something unwanted

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