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The 5 myth and fact about the menstruation


The 5 myth and fact about the menstruation

Recently, there are several articles on "taboo" during menstruation. Unfortunately, in the article, most of the facts given are not based on scientific arguments but rather to the unobtrusive testimonials such as the technique of fake product sellers that deceive the public with unfounded sweet words. Until the people have to be constantly in line with these myths?


"Do not drink ice, water, and coconut water, and all cold drinks cannot be drunk because they can cause blood to become frozen and stuck in the uterine wall after 5-10 years will cause uterine cancer. Even coconut water cannot be drink when it comes to menstruation as coconut water is a cold component and will make your uterus cold. "


There is no scientific study proving that drinking ice water during menstruation may increase the risk of developing cervical cancer.

However, drinks containing caffeine and high sugar and salt in foods and drinks can cause premenstrual syndrome (PMS) problems such as dysmenorrhea can be worsening during menstruation.

Coconut water has diuretic properties as it is high in potassium content as a banana. High potassium content can help remove sodium from the body. In addition, coconut water is excellent to help balance the electrolytes in the body and maintain hydration.

Therefore, it is encouraged for every woman to eat vegetables and fresh fruit during menstruation. Also, consuming coconut water which is rich in nutrients and minerals that the body needs is very helpful during menstruation. Hence, the statement that coconut water causes cold uterus and can not be taken when the menstruation is not true.

*However, I do not drink cold or icy water when I am on my period. Cause I felt like it made my period flow real slow. But that's just me. Cause if my sister drink cold water, her period just flows normally.


"Do not wash your hair because the scalp pores are open when it comes to menstruation and can cause a headache. The headache can be felt by young and old if you want to wash your hair, use hot water, and immediately dry using a hairdryer. You are also encouraged hot/cold shower when it comes to menstruation "


Hygiene should be maintained even more during menstruation. Imagine if you do not wash your hair during your menstruation, do you feel comfortable?

Do you know, the cause of headache is not as stated by the above myths. It has nothing to do with open scalp pores.

Headache is one of the symptoms of PMS that has nothing to do with the pores. It is caused by unbalanced hormonal problems when women are menstruating.

The 5 myth and fact about the menstruation


"Do not eat cucumber when you're on period because the sap on the cucumber will cause the menstrual blood to remain in the uterus wall"


Do you eat cucumbers or eat the sap? How can a cucumber sap cause blood attach to the uterine wall? A rather strange and baseless statement altogether.

Do you know that the cucumber contains a high percentage of water? Like other vegetables and fresh fruit, it contains a variety of nutrients and substances that are indispensable to the body, especially for menstruating women with dehydration problems.


"When you're on menstruation, you cannot fell down, hit by a hard object especially the abdomen as it can cause blood vomiting and the womb can be injured"


Anyone can get injured when you fell down and get hit by hard objects. No matter what menstruation is. To say that it causes vomiting of blood and the womb of the womb is completely baseless.

Vomiting blood or the medical name known as hematemesis is caused by problems such as peptic ulcer, severe gastritis, and gastroenteritis.

In this case, the esophagus wall, as well as the abdominal wall, is eroded due to high and persistent (chronic) acidic conditions resulting in abdominal pain and bleeding. This will cause blood vomiting to happen to anyone regardless of menstruation or not.

Uterine injuries are not solely due to drowsiness, fall, and pain during menstruation. Uterine injury can occur at any time if traumatized by a fall or injury. Additionally, diseases such as endometriosis and urinary infections can also cause pain in the womb. Sincerity or dysmenorrhea is common in menopause.


"Do not eat painkillers such as panadol during menstruation, you should have a drink of warm water, a person who practices warm water will be less painful during menstruation and if you eat painkiller during menstruation it will cause miscarriage in the future."


The use of painkillers is safe for women who suffer from dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea or dysmenorrhea can be very severe until there are patients who have to be injected with pain relief such as Tramadol and also Diclofenac Sodium to reduce pain.

For the knowledge of all readers, panadol medicines are category C drugs that are safe for pregnant women. Therefore, panadol medicines do not cause women taking it during menstruation will cause a miscarriage in the future. Drinking warm water should be encouraged, though, warm water baths can also provide comfort in menstruation. 

Top 10 Cheapest way to stay healthy


Top 10 Cheapest way to stay healthy

Everyone wants to stay healthy and free from disease. But the reality is that the prices for healthy foods are very expensive as well as high costs for managing or treating illnesses in hospitals.

So the best way to stay in shape and healthy is to follow these 10 easy and cheap ways that will definitely work for you.

Cheapest way to stay healthy

1. Sleep early

The human body tries to repair itself every time we sleep at night. Our body heals and restored our energy while we're sleeping.

If you don't have regular nighttime sleep, sooner or later it can be harmful such as a weakened immune system. So it's important for us to sleep early as the easiest way to avoid disease.

Cheapest way to stay healthy

2. Never skip breakfast

The majority of people who do not have breakfast will feel hungry in the evening. Eating at night can interfere with the process of inducing the body due to the inconsistent food digestive process.

This causes many foods to be stored as fats, in turn, causing someone who leaves breakfast eating more than usual.

Cheapest way to stay healthy

3. Exercises

The body needs to move to burn calories and fat accumulated and help the body deploy nutrient requirements more efficiently to certain parts as needed.

Slow/fast walking, jumping or stretching for 30 minutes a day (every morning) continuously is encouraged rather than making aggressive but inconsistent exercise.

Cheapest way to stay healthy

4. Nutrition

Not everyone loves vegetables but the easiest way to stay healthy is to eat lots of vegetables. stop eating junk foods, reduce the consumption of red meat and the size of sugar and salt.

Remember, healthy eating will cause all risks associated with self-health problems to be reduced

Cheapest way to stay healthy

5. Health supplement

If you are not a person who practices a balanced diet, taking supplements is the easiest way to maintain health

Cheapest way to stay healthy

6. Don't starve yourself

You should eat when you're hungry, chewing slowly will allow you to control your diet better.

The body can absorb nutrients better if all three essential elements of carbohydrate, unsaturated fat, and protein are taken together

Cheapest way to stay healthy

7. Control your emotion

The pressure is always the cause of the disease. Avoid stress sources and avoid thinking about things. Create balance in all things, have time to work, for family and for yourself.

Cheapest way to stay healthy

8. Medical check-up

Always healthy does not mean you are perfectly healthy internally. Do health checks such as blood pressure, cholesterol content and others on a scheduled basis.

For women, some clinical trials need to be done in every phase of your life such as pap smear, mammogram, etc.

9. Priorities health

Healthy does not mean you're immune to everything. Watch every action that you're doing for yourself and others. There's no point for you to stay healthy but you're driving crazily on the road like you own it. This may cause injury not to yourself, but to others too.

Be safe, always.

Cheapest way to stay healthy

10. Internally healthy

Emotional and spiritual health is also important for our inner. Always have positive thoughts and avoid negative things in our lives.

Your thought attracts things. Like, attract like. Fear attracts fear. Always try to think positive.

You're breathing, you can see things, you can smell, you can walk, you can talk... All these are a positive thing. Never forget all the little thing that making you feel alive.

Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing


Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing

Who doesn't want a beautiful body? To get the ideal body shape, surely various types of efforts have been made. 

Healthy food, drinking enough water, exercising just to get the ideal body shape. Pretty sure that it is not uncommon for desperate people to carry out extreme ways to achieve that goal.

Although we're losing weight fast, usually the 'fast' method will not last long. Here are some of the extreme diet things that people do to get the body that they want.

Extreme Vinegar Diet

10. Vinegar Diet

Lord Byron popularized this diet in the 1820s. Basically, the menu consists of mineral water, vinegar, and raw eggs. Water and vinegar can indeed reduce body weight drastically, but if you do it every day it will endanger the body.

The results of this diet provide dramatic results. Weight will drop dramatically but often does not last long and harmful.

Extreme Baby Food Diet

9. Baby food Diet

Baby food diets use this type of food as a substitute for food. The idea is to supply every meal or snack we make a day with jar compote from fruit or vegetables or meat purees and not ordinary food. The plan recommends consuming 14 bottles of this type and, if desired, light dinner to reduce the anxiety of consuming "chew" foods.

The problem is, besides taste and monotony, the food is designed for the first months of our lives and not for adults, that we have different nutritional needs that will not be included in this diet. In addition, the parts are very small, which can cause overeating. In conclusion, anyone who has this idea is not too bright.

Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing Diet liquor drink

8. Diet Liquor Drink

This method is a new term for eating disorders followed by consuming alcoholic beverages. People who experience this intentionally reduce food calorie intake in order to drink alcohol. 

With this method, it will certainly be able to reduce weight quickly. But by consuming lots of alcohol, the immune system will deteriorate and may cause alcohol poisoning.

Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing breatharianism diet

7. Breatharianism Diet

In America, this diet was popularized by yoga practitioners, Wiley Brooks. Starting from the belief that sunlight and spiritual power are sources of life, adherents of the breatharianism diet avoid eating and drinking.

There is no scientific evidence that humans can survive only with sunlight. Therefore, nutritionists do not recommend this kind of diet because it can trigger hunger.

Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing freegan diet

6. Freegan Diet aka Free Diet

Adapted from the Vegan diet or just eating foods from plants, adherents of this diet only eat food that does not require a fee (free) to get it. Leftovers from other people and wild plants are the main source of nutrition in this diet.

Doctors say there is no negative side to this kind of diet as long as you keep paying attention to cleanliness.

Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing fletcherism diet

5. Fletcherism Diet

In the early 1900s, Horace Fletcher introduced a fairly extreme diet method. Any food consumed must be chewed 100 times, then cider mixed with saliva is swallowed while the pulp is removed.

Even though it is very extreme, there is a scientific basis that can explain Fletcherism. According to nutrition experts, slowly chewing food can prevent overeating.

4. HCG Diet (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

The hormone that comes from the placenta is believed to be able to burn fat. Someone who injects this hormone can only consume 500 calories/day and is claimed to be able to reduce his weight to 0.5 kg/day.

But doctors warn that hormone injections are very dangerous if done without clear indications. In addition, an intake of 500 calories/day is considered too low.

3. The Tongue Patch Diet

This diet method was created by a surgeon from Beverly Hills. In this diet method, the surgeon will attach ingredients such as plastic to the tongue so that eating will be very painful.

Using this method, people will be forced to only eat food in liquid form as much as 800 calories per day. Not only torturing your tongue but also torturing your bank account, you have to spend at least 2,000 US dollars.

2. Tapeworm Diet

You read that right, this diet uses tapeworms. The trick is to swallow tapeworm pill, then let the tapeworm eggs grow in the stomach.

A person who consumes tapeworms can indeed eat whatever they want because the tapeworm also feeds on the nutrients that enter the body. Tapeworms are dangerous and they can clog the digestive tract, impair organ function, damage the nervous system and more!

1. Cotton Ball Diet

To do this extreme diet, you only eat cotton ball dipped in juice. Those who eat it do not feel full without calories which makes the body not increasing weight.

In fact, eating cotton can clog the intestines and lead to stomach problems. 

Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing

Some people will say that those people who are doing extreme diet are an idiot or whatever. I am not defending them for doing this. I would say that some people tend to do some extreme thing when other people push them or stress them. Do you know what I mean?

People would say "you're ugly and fat", "you're so fat", "you look like a pig", and make some other harsh words. 

Do you realize that your word hurt them? Those types of words can stay in their mind for 10 years or forever! If you can't say anything nice about others, then kindly please just zip your mouth. Just keep it to yourself. 

There's a lot of better way to say something rather than all those harsh words. 

7 basic and natural beauty tips | A must try tips for amazing results


7 basic and natural beauty tips | A must try tips for amazing results

These 7 must-try basic and natural beauty tips for amazing results. Some may sound strange to you guys, but for those who are familiar, these beauty practices have a positive effect on yourself. Want to try it or not, everything is up to you. But in my opinion, as long as the practice is not harmful, then why not?

Disclaimer: I did follow some of these tips before posting this. So read till the end to know the results.

7 basic and natural beauty tips | A must try tips for amazing results

  • How you can get rid of your under-eye bags 

1. Use a spoon

You can get rid of your eye bag just using a spoon. Take a spoon and put it in the fridge for five minutes. When the spoon is cold, sweep them under your eyes to get rid of under eye bag.

2. Cucumber or potato slices

Use the cucumber or potato slices and put it on the eye. Leave the cucumber or potatoes

I did follow this tips, cause I have the 'panda eye' as you can see a picture of me below. If you see me face-to-face surely you can see my dark baggy under eyes color. 

I follow both tips but sadly both didn't work for me. So I will share the tips that work for me: 

  • Not drinking water, alcohol, soup 30 minutes before sleep to avoid baggy eyes
  • I also use a small pillow for my neck and a bigger pillow for my head just to keep my head high at least 4 inches upwards so that the head position is higher (but what's important is that you're comfortable ok?) 
  • Do not over-sleep, that's how to get baggy eyes.
I still have the dark under eyes, cause not having enough sleep at night. The good thing is no more baggy eye lol

7 basic and natural beauty tips | A must try tips for amazing results

  • Face Scrub (Exfoliation)

Get a soft baby skin with face scrub routine twice a week. But if you have a sensitive skin only do once a week. It might cause skin irritation and inflammation which can lead to accelerated aging. It may seem harsh to use a face scrub to some people. 

*Stop using it if you feel like your face is burning or any others irritation occurs.

  • Teeth whitening tips

Previously I wrote about how to whiten teeth and the unconscious habits that making your teeth yellow. 

Check it out guys 

7 basic and natural beauty tips | A must try tips for amazing results

  • Get rid of acne tips

Who thought toothpaste would not only act to clean teeth but also to fight acne? Dab toothpaste on acne before bed and let it overnight. Take a white toothpaste only. This solution is especially effective if you are allergic to face cream. 

However, this is just my view's about these tips. 

My sister follows these tips, dab toothpaste on acne and lets it rest overnight. She said that the toothpaste area feels cool and shrank the acne. (so am I)

But for my friend, she felt like a burning occurs on the dab toothpaste area and it left a dark spot. 

So different people have different view's. If you have sensitive skin, do not use toothpaste for acne. It is better to directly meet the dermatology for skin problem.

  • Bit root lipstick tips

Who knows you can use something on the fridge to use as a lipstick? The purple and red color can be the best natural lipstick. Dab a little dye on the lips and it will look radiant.

Haven't tried this yet. Let me know the result if you already try!

7 basic and natural beauty tips | A must try tips for amazing results

  • Sleeping beauty tips

Sleeping beauty is the term to invite women to look beautiful and get enough rest. Logically, if you're not having enough sleep, surely you will have the long face and a slight of grumpy attitude. Not just that, even your smile looks bland if you're not having enough sleep. Plus, the dark circles under the eyes are also hard to cover with concealer. 

  • Home beauty tips

Natural beauty starts at home. This may sound weird to some of you, but learning how to cook is one of the beauty tips at home. From there you can know the nutrients contained in the cooking ingredients and can be used as a cure for skin problem.

Of course, this is true, but you can also google the nutrient contained. 

However, I think everyone should know how to cook. You don't have to learn how to cook 5-star dishes. As long as you can feed yourself for survival and stuff then you're good lol

What about you? Did you guys follow any of these tips?

6 Weird health tips that work?


6 Weird health tips that work

There are many ways to improve your health such as weight loss, eating less, exercising, drinking plenty of water, and sleeping. 

But guys, that's just mainstream. It's too normal. We are not normal... I guess? or is it just me? 

Let's look at ways to be healthy but weird and effective...

Disclaimer: Some of these tips might work to some people and honestly I never follow any of these tricks... yet.  Just sharing a little information that I knew and heard from others.

  • Exercise when you are tired

After a long tiring day, do an exercise. I mean. Yep, exercise. Sounds like a good idea? 

This study shows that only 30 minutes of moderate exercise intensity reduces fatigue, improves mood and prevents sad thoughts. In fact, it is a physical activity that can restore lost energy.

However, do not push yourself. Everyone has their own limit, and you should know your limit. If you can exercise for a minute, then you can. If you're really tired, that you really can't do any physical activity, then do not do it. I am serious about this, I know someone who died cause of too much physical activity.

  • Drink cold water or ice water

Eating ice actually burns calories because our body requires energy to warm the water up, therefore it helps you to lose weight. 

So, do not worry if you can't afford all those fancy weights loss supplements, diet program or others. Now go freeze some water on that ice cube, cause that's what I'm doing after this.

  • Do not brush your teeth after eating

It is better for you not to brush teeth as soon as you eat or drink, especially foods or drinks that contain acid. For example, citrus fruits, tomatoes or carbonated drinks cause it will damage your teeth. Wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour before brushing the teeth.

This is true, eating acidic fruit will weaken tooth enamel and brushing too soon may cause erosion of the enamel. Always brush your teeth after 1 hour ok? 

  • Build muscle to get thinner

One kilogram of muscle has the same weight as one kilogram of fat. But the muscle is denser and don't take up a lot of space. 

  • Eat more calories to lose weight

Carbohydrates will only increase your blood sugar levels and make you feel more hungry. Best choices it to add protein and fat such as nuts, fish, and chicken, it will make you satisfy your hunger and eat less. 

  • Inserting a clove of garlic in the vagina

Lately, information has been circulating that inserting garlic into the vagina is claimed to cure vaginal discharge. 

However, Gynecologist, Dr.Jen Gunter, said this was a bad idea. Garlic contains a compound called allicin, which experts believe can eliminate fungi. When inserted into the vagina, garlic has the potential to carry bacteria that is bad for our body.

The last one is a bit too much for me. People will believe everything that they see on the internet. Inserting something like that is just too scary for me. There's nothing wrong to try remedies. 

But not inserting a clove of garlic... just don't. Just go to the Doctor hmm

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