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7 basic and natural beauty tips | A must try tips for amazing results


7 basic and natural beauty tips | A must try tips for amazing results

These 7 must-try basic and natural beauty tips for amazing results. Some may sound strange to you guys, but for those who are familiar, these beauty practices have a positive effect on yourself. Want to try it or not, everything is up to you. But in my opinion, as long as the practice is not harmful, then why not?

Disclaimer: I did follow some of these tips before posting this. So read till the end to know the results.

7 basic and natural beauty tips | A must try tips for amazing results

  • How you can get rid of your under-eye bags 

1. Use a spoon

You can get rid of your eye bag just using a spoon. Take a spoon and put it in the fridge for five minutes. When the spoon is cold, sweep them under your eyes to get rid of under eye bag.

2. Cucumber or potato slices

Use the cucumber or potato slices and put it on the eye. Leave the cucumber or potatoes

I did follow this tips, cause I have the 'panda eye' as you can see a picture of me below. If you see me face-to-face surely you can see my dark baggy under eyes color. 

I follow both tips but sadly both didn't work for me. So I will share the tips that work for me: 

  • Not drinking water, alcohol, soup 30 minutes before sleep to avoid baggy eyes
  • I also use a small pillow for my neck and a bigger pillow for my head just to keep my head high at least 4 inches upwards so that the head position is higher (but what's important is that you're comfortable ok?) 
  • Do not over-sleep, that's how to get baggy eyes.
I still have the dark under eyes, cause not having enough sleep at night. The good thing is no more baggy eye lol

7 basic and natural beauty tips | A must try tips for amazing results

  • Face Scrub (Exfoliation)

Get a soft baby skin with face scrub routine twice a week. But if you have a sensitive skin only do once a week. It might cause skin irritation and inflammation which can lead to accelerated aging. It may seem harsh to use a face scrub to some people. 

*Stop using it if you feel like your face is burning or any others irritation occurs.

  • Teeth whitening tips

Previously I wrote about how to whiten teeth and the unconscious habits that making your teeth yellow. 

Check it out guys 

7 basic and natural beauty tips | A must try tips for amazing results

  • Get rid of acne tips

Who thought toothpaste would not only act to clean teeth but also to fight acne? Dab toothpaste on acne before bed and let it overnight. Take a white toothpaste only. This solution is especially effective if you are allergic to face cream. 

However, this is just my view's about these tips. 

My sister follows these tips, dab toothpaste on acne and lets it rest overnight. She said that the toothpaste area feels cool and shrank the acne. (so am I)

But for my friend, she felt like a burning occurs on the dab toothpaste area and it left a dark spot. 

So different people have different view's. If you have sensitive skin, do not use toothpaste for acne. It is better to directly meet the dermatology for skin problem.

  • Bit root lipstick tips

Who knows you can use something on the fridge to use as a lipstick? The purple and red color can be the best natural lipstick. Dab a little dye on the lips and it will look radiant.

Haven't tried this yet. Let me know the result if you already try!

7 basic and natural beauty tips | A must try tips for amazing results

  • Sleeping beauty tips

Sleeping beauty is the term to invite women to look beautiful and get enough rest. Logically, if you're not having enough sleep, surely you will have the long face and a slight of grumpy attitude. Not just that, even your smile looks bland if you're not having enough sleep. Plus, the dark circles under the eyes are also hard to cover with concealer. 

  • Home beauty tips

Natural beauty starts at home. This may sound weird to some of you, but learning how to cook is one of the beauty tips at home. From there you can know the nutrients contained in the cooking ingredients and can be used as a cure for skin problem.

Of course, this is true, but you can also google the nutrient contained. 

However, I think everyone should know how to cook. You don't have to learn how to cook 5-star dishes. As long as you can feed yourself for survival and stuff then you're good lol

What about you? Did you guys follow any of these tips?

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  1. With the help of such simple manipulations and using the means that are in every home, you can achieve good results, freshness and beauty of your skin.


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