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The 5 myth and fact about the menstruation


The 5 myth and fact about the menstruation

Recently, there are several articles on "taboo" during menstruation. Unfortunately, in the article, most of the facts given are not based on scientific arguments but rather to the unobtrusive testimonials such as the technique of fake product sellers that deceive the public with unfounded sweet words. Until the people have to be constantly in line with these myths?


"Do not drink ice, water, and coconut water, and all cold drinks cannot be drunk because they can cause blood to become frozen and stuck in the uterine wall after 5-10 years will cause uterine cancer. Even coconut water cannot be drink when it comes to menstruation as coconut water is a cold component and will make your uterus cold. "


There is no scientific study proving that drinking ice water during menstruation may increase the risk of developing cervical cancer.

However, drinks containing caffeine and high sugar and salt in foods and drinks can cause premenstrual syndrome (PMS) problems such as dysmenorrhea can be worsening during menstruation.

Coconut water has diuretic properties as it is high in potassium content as a banana. High potassium content can help remove sodium from the body. In addition, coconut water is excellent to help balance the electrolytes in the body and maintain hydration.

Therefore, it is encouraged for every woman to eat vegetables and fresh fruit during menstruation. Also, consuming coconut water which is rich in nutrients and minerals that the body needs is very helpful during menstruation. Hence, the statement that coconut water causes cold uterus and can not be taken when the menstruation is not true.

*However, I do not drink cold or icy water when I am on my period. Cause I felt like it made my period flow real slow. But that's just me. Cause if my sister drink cold water, her period just flows normally.


"Do not wash your hair because the scalp pores are open when it comes to menstruation and can cause a headache. The headache can be felt by young and old if you want to wash your hair, use hot water, and immediately dry using a hairdryer. You are also encouraged hot/cold shower when it comes to menstruation "


Hygiene should be maintained even more during menstruation. Imagine if you do not wash your hair during your menstruation, do you feel comfortable?

Do you know, the cause of headache is not as stated by the above myths. It has nothing to do with open scalp pores.

Headache is one of the symptoms of PMS that has nothing to do with the pores. It is caused by unbalanced hormonal problems when women are menstruating.

The 5 myth and fact about the menstruation


"Do not eat cucumber when you're on period because the sap on the cucumber will cause the menstrual blood to remain in the uterus wall"


Do you eat cucumbers or eat the sap? How can a cucumber sap cause blood attach to the uterine wall? A rather strange and baseless statement altogether.

Do you know that the cucumber contains a high percentage of water? Like other vegetables and fresh fruit, it contains a variety of nutrients and substances that are indispensable to the body, especially for menstruating women with dehydration problems.


"When you're on menstruation, you cannot fell down, hit by a hard object especially the abdomen as it can cause blood vomiting and the womb can be injured"


Anyone can get injured when you fell down and get hit by hard objects. No matter what menstruation is. To say that it causes vomiting of blood and the womb of the womb is completely baseless.

Vomiting blood or the medical name known as hematemesis is caused by problems such as peptic ulcer, severe gastritis, and gastroenteritis.

In this case, the esophagus wall, as well as the abdominal wall, is eroded due to high and persistent (chronic) acidic conditions resulting in abdominal pain and bleeding. This will cause blood vomiting to happen to anyone regardless of menstruation or not.

Uterine injuries are not solely due to drowsiness, fall, and pain during menstruation. Uterine injury can occur at any time if traumatized by a fall or injury. Additionally, diseases such as endometriosis and urinary infections can also cause pain in the womb. Sincerity or dysmenorrhea is common in menopause.


"Do not eat painkillers such as panadol during menstruation, you should have a drink of warm water, a person who practices warm water will be less painful during menstruation and if you eat painkiller during menstruation it will cause miscarriage in the future."


The use of painkillers is safe for women who suffer from dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea or dysmenorrhea can be very severe until there are patients who have to be injected with pain relief such as Tramadol and also Diclofenac Sodium to reduce pain.

For the knowledge of all readers, panadol medicines are category C drugs that are safe for pregnant women. Therefore, panadol medicines do not cause women taking it during menstruation will cause a miscarriage in the future. Drinking warm water should be encouraged, though, warm water baths can also provide comfort in menstruation. 

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  1. I've heard the one about washing your hair before, but I was also told not to bath when on my period because it's unhygienic. Personally speaking sometimes a bath is all that helps ease my cramps!


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