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Top 10 Cheapest way to stay healthy


Top 10 Cheapest way to stay healthy

Top 10 Cheapest way to stay healthy

Everyone wants to stay healthy and free from disease. But the reality is that the prices for healthy foods are very expensive as well as high costs for managing or treating illnesses in hospitals.

So the best way to stay in shape and healthy is to follow these 10 easy and cheap ways that will definitely work for you.

Cheapest way to stay healthy

1. Sleep early

The human body tries to repair itself every time we sleep at night. Our body heals and restored our energy while we're sleeping.

If you don't have regular nighttime sleep, sooner or later it can be harmful such as a weakened immune system. So it's important for us to sleep early as the easiest way to avoid disease.

Cheapest way to stay healthy

2. Never skip breakfast

The majority of people who do not have breakfast will feel hungry in the evening. Eating at night can interfere with the process of inducing the body due to the inconsistent food digestive process.

This causes many foods to be stored as fats, in turn, causing someone who leaves breakfast eating more than usual.

Cheapest way to stay healthy

3. Exercises

The body needs to move to burn calories and fat accumulated and help the body deploy nutrient requirements more efficiently to certain parts as needed.

Slow/fast walking, jumping or stretching for 30 minutes a day (every morning) continuously is encouraged rather than making aggressive but inconsistent exercise.

Cheapest way to stay healthy

4. Nutrition

Not everyone loves vegetables but the easiest way to stay healthy is to eat lots of vegetables. stop eating junk foods, reduce the consumption of red meat and the size of sugar and salt.

Remember, healthy eating will cause all risks associated with self-health problems to be reduced

Cheapest way to stay healthy

5. Health supplement

If you are not a person who practices a balanced diet, taking supplements is the easiest way to maintain health

Chlorophyll - Drink this if you hate vegetable

Wheatgrass - Green health drink 

Cheapest way to stay healthy

6. Don't starve yourself

You should eat when you're hungry, chewing slowly will allow you to control your diet better.

The body can absorb nutrients better if all three essential elements of carbohydrate, unsaturated fat, and protein are taken together

Cheapest way to stay healthy

7. Control your emotion

The pressure is always the cause of the disease. Avoid stress sources and avoid thinking about things. Create balance in all things, have time to work, for family and for yourself.

Cheapest way to stay healthy

8. Medical check-up

Always healthy does not mean you are perfectly healthy internally. Do health checks such as blood pressure, cholesterol content and others on a scheduled basis.

For women, some clinical trials need to be done in every phase of your life such as pap smear, mammogram, etc.

9. Priorities health

Healthy does not mean you're immune to everything. Watch every action that you're doing for yourself and others. There's no point for you to stay healthy but you're driving crazily on the road like you own it. This may cause injury not to yourself, but to others too.

Be safe, always.

Cheapest way to stay healthy

10. Internally healthy

Emotional and spiritual health is also important for our inner. Always have positive thoughts and avoid negative things in our lives.

Your thought attracts things. Like, attract like. Fear attracts fear. Always try to think positive.

You're breathing, you can see things, you can smell, you can walk, you can talk... All these are a positive thing. Never forget all the little thing that making you feel alive.

5 comments on "Top 10 Cheapest way to stay healthy"
  1. These are some top tips for staying healthy! I swish I could get into the breakfast one more but I just hate eating in the morning!

  2. These are great tips Jacy and I love the part about medical check up and controlling our emotions! Great post!

  3. Good tips. I know I really need to work on my sleeping habits. They're not great.

  4. What should I eat while waist training ?

    1. Try to avoid sugary drink/food, alcohol, and high sodium foods. Eat more fiber and drink lots of water. and try to chew your food slowly and only eat in a small amount


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