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Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing


Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing

Who doesn't want a beautiful body? To get the ideal body shape, surely various types of efforts have been made. 

Healthy food, drinking enough water, exercising just to get the ideal body shape. Pretty sure that it is not uncommon for desperate people to carry out extreme ways to achieve that goal.

Although we're losing weight fast, usually the 'fast' method will not last long. Here are some of the extreme diet things that people do to get the body that they want.

Extreme Vinegar Diet

10. Vinegar Diet

Lord Byron popularized this diet in the 1820s. Basically, the menu consists of mineral water, vinegar, and raw eggs. Water and vinegar can indeed reduce body weight drastically, but if you do it every day it will endanger the body.

The results of this diet provide dramatic results. Weight will drop dramatically but often does not last long and harmful.

Extreme Baby Food Diet

9. Baby food Diet

Baby food diets use this type of food as a substitute for food. The idea is to supply every meal or snack we make a day with jar compote from fruit or vegetables or meat purees and not ordinary food. The plan recommends consuming 14 bottles of this type and, if desired, light dinner to reduce the anxiety of consuming "chew" foods.

The problem is, besides taste and monotony, the food is designed for the first months of our lives and not for adults, that we have different nutritional needs that will not be included in this diet. In addition, the parts are very small, which can cause overeating. In conclusion, anyone who has this idea is not too bright.

Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing Diet liquor drink

8. Diet Liquor Drink

This method is a new term for eating disorders followed by consuming alcoholic beverages. People who experience this intentionally reduce food calorie intake in order to drink alcohol. 

With this method, it will certainly be able to reduce weight quickly. But by consuming lots of alcohol, the immune system will deteriorate and may cause alcohol poisoning.

Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing breatharianism diet

7. Breatharianism Diet

In America, this diet was popularized by yoga practitioners, Wiley Brooks. Starting from the belief that sunlight and spiritual power are sources of life, adherents of the breatharianism diet avoid eating and drinking.

There is no scientific evidence that humans can survive only with sunlight. Therefore, nutritionists do not recommend this kind of diet because it can trigger hunger.

Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing freegan diet

6. Freegan Diet aka Free Diet

Adapted from the Vegan diet or just eating foods from plants, adherents of this diet only eat food that does not require a fee (free) to get it. Leftovers from other people and wild plants are the main source of nutrition in this diet.

Doctors say there is no negative side to this kind of diet as long as you keep paying attention to cleanliness.

Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing fletcherism diet

5. Fletcherism Diet

In the early 1900s, Horace Fletcher introduced a fairly extreme diet method. Any food consumed must be chewed 100 times, then cider mixed with saliva is swallowed while the pulp is removed.

Even though it is very extreme, there is a scientific basis that can explain Fletcherism. According to nutrition experts, slowly chewing food can prevent overeating.

4. HCG Diet (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

The hormone that comes from the placenta is believed to be able to burn fat. Someone who injects this hormone can only consume 500 calories/day and is claimed to be able to reduce his weight to 0.5 kg/day.

But doctors warn that hormone injections are very dangerous if done without clear indications. In addition, an intake of 500 calories/day is considered too low.

3. The Tongue Patch Diet

This diet method was created by a surgeon from Beverly Hills. In this diet method, the surgeon will attach ingredients such as plastic to the tongue so that eating will be very painful.

Using this method, people will be forced to only eat food in liquid form as much as 800 calories per day. Not only torturing your tongue but also torturing your bank account, you have to spend at least 2,000 US dollars.

2. Tapeworm Diet

You read that right, this diet uses tapeworms. The trick is to swallow tapeworm pill, then let the tapeworm eggs grow in the stomach.

A person who consumes tapeworms can indeed eat whatever they want because the tapeworm also feeds on the nutrients that enter the body. Tapeworms are dangerous and they can clog the digestive tract, impair organ function, damage the nervous system and more!

1. Cotton Ball Diet

To do this extreme diet, you only eat cotton ball dipped in juice. Those who eat it do not feel full without calories which makes the body not increasing weight.

In fact, eating cotton can clog the intestines and lead to stomach problems. 

Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing

Some people will say that those people who are doing extreme diet are an idiot or whatever. I am not defending them for doing this. I would say that some people tend to do some extreme thing when other people push them or stress them. Do you know what I mean?

People would say "you're ugly and fat", "you're so fat", "you look like a pig", and make some other harsh words. 

Do you realize that your word hurt them? Those types of words can stay in their mind for 10 years or forever! If you can't say anything nice about others, then kindly please just zip your mouth. Just keep it to yourself. 

There's a lot of better way to say something rather than all those harsh words. 

20 comments on "Top 10 Extreme diet that people should stop doing"
  1. I don't think I could do any of these and I'm glad I haven't tried. They all sound disgusting, especially the vinegar diet. I can see how these could be harmful.

  2. I don't know some people do the baby diet. I don't tink that is effective. Also, give the food to babies instead. hahaha.

  3. i had no idea there were so many strange diets out there! The tapeworm diet?! eww!

  4. Holy wow! This is terrible, I can't believe people are willing to do this to themselves. A great way to damage your body forever.

  5. These are some really "out there" diets! Tapeworms? No thanks, I'll have to pass.

  6. I've found that most restrictive diets are not healthy in the long term, but people feel that by limiting themselves so much and basically making themselves miserable must equate to weight loss. Balance is the key, but if you need the structure that a diet provides, I get that too.

  7. I LOVE the freegan lifestyle though because I'm a cheapstake. :) But I'm also picky - I won't eat unhealthy or unhygienic food. I always make sure what I'm eating is a good source of sustenance.

  8. Kristine Nicole Alessandra18 June 2019 at 05:40

    Oh goodness! Are these diets for real? I cannot believe anyone would even agree to having tapeworms grow inside your body. That's horrible!

  9. Agree. There is not one diet on here that anyone should do ever. Cotton????? Yeeikes.

  10. I can't believe all of these exist and that people will do this.

  11. I can't believe some people do the cotton thing when they trick their body into thinking they're not hungry its life threatening!! LOVE this post keep it up

  12. Rhey | Personal Growth Blogger20 June 2019 at 10:37

    i have never heard of any of these diets surprisingly...but that tapeworm diet....nasty...

  13. Sadly, gimmicky or fad diets remain popular for those who wish to lose weight fast. The real deal is that exercise, portion control, patience, and self care would do a far better abd lasting job than fads.

  14. Cotton balls would be funny if it wasn't so scary. Yikes.

  15. Wow, there are some weird diets out there. No way is being slim worth this kind of punishment.

  16. the crazy stuff that people go through every day just so that they can have the right body is mind boggling, the right thing is always out there, fad diets are just clearly not the way to go.

  17. Great post!! Lots to think about when it comes to diet and health!

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