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4 Tips on How to Reduce Radiation on Mobile Phones


Now many people can hardly be separated from their cellphones. This also raises the issue of the adverse effects of the use of mobile phones in the long term. Yes, there are various kinds of risks of health problems caused by these mobile phone radiation.

Radiation of Frequency (RF) Radio is what can disrupt human health. This radiation is often emitted by mobile phones in an active state. Usually, this radiation will work when looking for a signal.

Who would have thought, exposure to radiation in the long term could disrupt the brain's tissue system so that it could potentially cause brain damage. Indeed, your activities cannot be separated from your handphone. But you can still use your cellphone safely so that it is not exposed to this high radiation.

4 Tips on How to Reduce Radiation on Mobile Phones

1. Avoid Using Mobile with High Radiation

Before you buy a mobile phone product, it is important to find out in advance how much radiation from the device. Well, before finally buying a cellphone product, it's good to choose a cellphone with low radiation.

2. Call in the Open Room and Limit the Duration

The biggest radiation occurs when you are on the phone. Especially when you're looking for a signal to call, the radiation on your cellphone is working very hard to get the signal. Yes, peak height can be caused by the presence or absence of a connection barrier.

If you are calling in a closed room, then your cellphone will emit high radiation which is useful for penetrating closed spaces that block the connection.

It is important to be in an open room to get a high signal so that radiation does not work hard to emit that can cause health problems.

Besides calling in an open room, you also need to limit the duration of the call. The long duration of the call will add to the body's adverse effects because the body is exposed to radiation.

3. Don't Get Too Close To Look At A Mobile Screen

Apart from RF radiation waves, it turns out that the screen on your cellphone also causes light radiation. Yes, light radiation on this cellphone can damage the eyes if it's not conditioned properly.

Therefore, it's good to measure the safe distance of your eyes. This is to keep the eyes healthy.

4. Don't Store Mobile Phones in pocket

Likewise with the habit of storing cellphones in a pants pocket or shirt pocket. Storing it there will make mobile radiation very close to your body.

But if certain conditions force you to save it there, then you need to use or activate airplane mode. By activating it, the signal will turn off and will turn off radiation.

5. Cactus

For a long time, it was believed that cactus was a plant that attracted bad luck, now many people prefer to have this since it is easy to take care of.

One of the many benefits is the fact that they neutralize the radiation produced by electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, and televisions. 

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  1. Great post! I never really thought about radiation and cellphones! Thank you!

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