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Am I sad or depressed? The difference between sadness and depression

difference between sadness and depression

Am I sad or depressed?

Many people think depression is just like normal sadness and can easily underestimate depression. While depression and normal sadness are two different things. Symptoms of depression are also blue, but they are more severe than sadness. People who do not suffer from depression, when they feel sad, will return to normal.

Depression is a serious mental disorder that can attack anyone, but depression is not a deficiency in personality. To learn more about the differences between depression and normal sadness, see the explanation below.

Am I sad or depressed? The difference between sadness and depression

 The difference between sadness and depression

1. Symptoms of depression are more than sadness

Depression is also a form of sadness, the symptoms of which are more severe. Here are the absolute symptoms that appear before someone is diagnosed with depression:

  • lose motivation
  • it's hard to think positive
  • deep and constant sadness
  • disturbance management
  • mind to hurt yourself
  • no appetite or binge eating
  • Losing or gaining weight
  • libido decreased
  • can not sleep or insomnia
  • feel guilty
  • the idea of ​​suicide to a suicide attempt 

2. Depression cannot be evaluated by the general public

Even if you see the above symptoms, do not accidentally state that someone is depressed. Depression can only be described by a clinical psychologist or a doctor through depression measurement.

3. The difference between sadness and depression in daily activities

A clinical psychologist, Dr. Paula Bloom, explaining that sadness can disappear over time, depression can disrupt daily activities for at least 2 weeks, and can even last a lifetime and negatively affect the body if not handled appropriately.

Am I sad or depressed? The difference between sadness and depression

4. Causes of depression, from sadness to genetics

Depression starts from the sadness experienced by various causes, such as trauma, low self-esteem, to the consumption of illicit drugs or alcohol. Trauma can be caused by major changes in life such as losing a job, giving birth to a first child, or losing a loved one.

Triggers for depression can also be traced to a family history of depression, mental illness, bipolar and chronic illnesses such as cancer. Depression can even be triggered by the consumption of certain drugs such as medications to treat high blood pressure or sleep apnea.

5. Depression is a serious illness, just like physical illness

Depression is not a disease that is invented and "just" in mind. Various studies in the field of neuroscience have shown that depression is as common as physical illness. These mental disorders can also be proven as other physical ailments, such as leg fractures that can be proven by rheumatoid arthritis.

6. How to measure and prove depression

There are 3 things that can be measured to prove depression in a person: brain activity, chemical compound imbalance in the brain, decreased hippocampus volume. These three factors underlie that chronic stress in a depressed person can negatively affect a person's brain structure. Measurement can only be done by an expert.

7. Depression is closely related to bipolar

The National Institute of Mental Health says that on average, people with new mental illness seek professional help after 10 years of suffering. In fact, if not treated thoroughly and further, the effect is quite significant. Depression can develop into bipolar to the thought and suicide attempt.

From now on, don't ever think that depression is a bad thing, yes. Build a sense of concern for the people around you. Be a good listener for them. If you feel incapable of providing a solution, consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. Always try to help others.

Also with you. Don't keep their soul locked in their own mind. Be an open person and go to a psychologist or psychiatrist if you do not know how to help them. Your act of kindness might help someone life.

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