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What is Depression? Depression Symptoms/Signs and How to Overcome Depression Problems

What is Depression? Depression Symptoms/Signs and How to Overcome Depression Problems

What is Depression

Understanding mental health is often called not as easy as understanding physical health problems, because of the invisible features, such as scars or high blood pressure that can be a marker of disease in a physical health examination. 

Depression, for example, is sometimes unaware of its appearance, even by people who experience it, because people do not recognize the characteristics of depression they experience. Depression can be interpreted as a condition of psychological disorders characterized by feelings of sadness or deep emptiness. Depressed people usually feel that they are entering a deep, dark, and difficult hole to get out of there.

What is Depression? Depression Symptoms/Signs and How to Overcome Depression Problems

Causes of Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses experienced by people. Unfortunately, until now it is not known exactly what causes this condition. However, some experts believe that this condition can occur due to several factors, including:

  • Genetic factors

Most researchers suspect that if you have parents or siblings who experience this condition, then you have the opportunity to experience it as well.

  • Biological factors

This condition can be caused due to levels of chemical compounds in the brain (neurotransmitters) that regulate mood imbalances. When chemical compounds in the brain are in short supply, this can cause a series of symptoms known as clinical depression.

  • Gender

Did you know that women have a higher risk of depression than men? Yes, women are known to be twice as susceptible to depression due to the influence of hormonal changes that occur during their lives.

  • Drugs

The use of banned drugs and alcohol can actually trigger this disorder. In fact, prescription drugs given by doctors can also cause this condition.

  • History of certain diseases

Your psychological and physical condition are closely related to each other. So, if you experience physical health problems, you might also experience psychological problems too.

Frequently, stress and pain due to chronic illness can trigger severe depression. Certain diseases, such as thyroid disorders, Addison's disease, and liver disease, can also cause symptoms of depression.

  • Childhood trauma

Childhood trauma has a profound effect on a person's psychological condition as an adult. Some bad events such as sexual harassment, parental loss, or parental divorce can trigger this condition.

  • Poor diet

Who would have thought, this condition could also be caused by your poor diet. For example, if you often eat sweet foods.

The study found that a diet high in sugar was associated with this mental disorder. Low vitamin and mineral intake can also cause this condition.

  • Severe and chronic stress

Do you feel you are under constant pressure? Be careful, these conditions can trigger severe stress which ultimately causes depression. The researchers suspect that cortisol hormone levels are constantly high can suppress serotonin levels and eventually trigger symptoms of depression.

  • Environmental factors

Mental disorders can be caused by things that are encountered every day, such as work. Stacking work, an uncomfortable work environment, to personal problems with the boss or coworkers can trigger a person experiencing depression.

Not only the problem of work, the environment at home or friendship that does not support can also trigger this condition.

  • Left by loved ones

Is there anything sadder than a loved one? Yes, in many cases, deep sorrow from being left behind or even betrayed by your loved ones can trigger this mental disorder.

Depression Symptoms / Signs of Depression

What is Depression? Depression Symptoms/Signs and How to Overcome Depression Problems

Are you suffering from depression?

Prevention of depression should be done by recognizing the signs of a person experiencing depression which will be discussed below.

  • The emergence of Pain

The emergence of pain in the body such as headaches, the neck feels heavy, aches and others. This happens because of excessive stress and a high level of emotion so that the muscles in the body become tense. It is recommended to relax the body. It is important when we experience stress that if left unchecked will make us depressed.

  • Hard to Think

Someone will have difficulty thinking if there is a disturbance that disturbs his mind. Loss of focus and concentration caused by too much thought is one of the signs of depression. Severe depression can sometimes make people unable to work or study effectively.

  •  Easily Tired.

The burden of thoughts that accumulate also has the potential to drain energy in the body with a fast grunt. Loss of energy causes the body to get tired and weak. One sign of someone who is depressed is that his body is weak and tired so that they are reluctant to do other activities besides feeling depressed and brooding.

  • Sensitive

As explained above that depression will interfere with our relationships with people around. Usually, people who are depressed will easily get angry, offended, sad and even cry because of things that can be said trivial. People who are depressed usually assume that the people around them are bullies.

  • Likes to Be Alone

Someone who is depressed will often avoid busy situations and tend to isolate themselves. According to them by being alone they will think better and find solutions to various kinds of life problems. When in fact they only made him fall further into the depression. The striking behavior, when they are in a crowded situation, is that they are quieter.

  • Slow-motion

The brain muscles that become tense due to the increased working intensity of the brain due to too much thought load will affect the underlying nerve movements so that the movements of depressed people tend to be slower. Someone who is depressed does something slow, not as energetically as someone who is not depressed. That is because they lose focus due to excessive thought burdens.

  • Restless

Someone with signs of depression often looks very agitated and experiences a decrease in productivity. This can influence the sufferer to make decisions without thinking carefully which can sometimes endanger himself and others such as killing themselves or killing others.

  • Prolonged Sadness

Often depression will arise due to the sufferer experiencing extreme sadness that never ends. This happens maybe because of the loss of something valuable or in the life of a loved one. Sadness that never subsides will deepen a person falls into stress that leads to depression.

  • Loss of Confidence

People who are depressed will experience a loss of self-confidence because they always think negatively even with themselves. They always think that they are negative and feel themselves lacking so they will feel inferior and insecure. This results in those affected by depression will be embarrassed to appear in public and prefer to be alone.

  • Easy to Panic and Anxious

Signs of anxiety or anxiety can also be a sign that someone is experiencing depression. Someone who is depressed will easily experience anxiety, panic and feeling excessive fear. Moreover, they already have a phobia or something.

  • Guilt

A person who is depressed often blames himself, a feeling of guilt always approaches him so that people who are depressed have an uneasy and always restless life. People who are depressed always blame themselves for what they have done or what they have been responsible for that causes other people to be disappointed so that a sense of depression arises.

  • Chest Pain

Depression does not always attack a person's mind but also attacks the physical. People with depression will feel chest pain either on the right or left. 

That is because the sufferer has trouble sleeping, and people who have difficulty sleeping will have an impact on the heart that works harder than normal. People whose hearts are working hard will feel an irregular heartbeat accompanied by chest pain.

  • Decreased Sleep Quality

A person who is depressed usually makes his body more tired than usual even though previously they did not do strenuous physical activity. The fatigue makes them want to sleep because with sleep they can forget their sadness or the burden of his mind for a while. 

However, there are also those who find it difficult to sleep due to the burden of thoughts that continue to interfere even into dreams when they sleep.

  • Always Think of Death

A person with depression is usually always haunted by death in his mind. How will he die? What will happen to the family after he dies? 

These thoughts will continue to haunt the sufferer to make them increasingly fall into depression. If you have reached this stage you should consult with an expert so you can get treatment quickly.

  • Try Suicide or Self-Injury

This last characteristic is the climax of someone who has reached depression at a severe level. The patient without thinking will try to end his life or not hesitate to hurt himself. This may occur due to the burden of thought or life problems that never end. Usually, they are unconsciously doing that.

What is Depression? Depression Symptoms/Signs and How to Overcome Depression Problems

How to Overcome Depression Problems

Depression Treatment

Many people underestimate the problem of depression, even though depression is one of the triggers of various diseases. Depression is not just a momentary emotional change and can be quickly changed back to normal. Without proper treatment, depression can interfere with your life with those around you.


A number of studies have shown that meditation can prevent depression and make you calmer in the face of something.


Not only is it healthy for the body, but it is also a way to deal with depression. A healthy body will always stimulate our brains to always have a positive mind.

Manage Food Intake

Eating foods can reduce a person's level of depression. Of course nutritious foods such as foods containing high selenium and magnesium. The content is proven effective in treating depression.

Share with the people closest to you

Sharing stories with people like friends or your friends will reduce the burden on your mind. Depression can arise because you keep all the burdens of your mind alone.


Avoid depression with a vacation. With vacation, your heart and mind will be calmer and happier.

Various ways to deal with depression

Having depression can make you feel helpless. The good news, there are several things you can do to counteract the depression you experience. Some of these include:

Consultation with a psychologist or psychiatrist

It should be understood that mental disorders can be cured with proper treatment. Including, in cases of depression. However, you cannot handle it alone. You need help from others.

Therefore, the first thing you can do to overcome this mental disorder is to consult a doctor/psychologist/ psychiatrist. Do not be afraid or ashamed to seek professional help when you feel you are experiencing some of the symptoms of depression as mentioned above.

In many cases, mental disorders become more serious because someone does not want to seek help and chooses to bury his own problem.

Implement a healthy lifestyle

Experts agree that applying a healthy lifestyle is good for one's mental health. Yes, besides making you fitter and healthier, implementing a healthy lifestyle will also affect your mood every day.

Start by improving your daily diet. Make sure the food you consume every day contains the principle of balanced nutrition which includes carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and good fats. Try to avoid junk food, fast food, and foods that are high in sugar.

In addition to paying attention to food intake, do not forget to multiply your physical activity, such as regular exercise. Exercise has a positive effect on the mood of your heart because the activity of this one helps increase endorphin levels in the body.

However, not everyone that is depressed knows that they are depressed. Telling them to seek for help might help but it is better if we take action to help them instead of asking them to help their own self.
However, some would not seek help. 

They think that it is not your burden to bear, and therefore they will suffer more. So please, instead of telling them to get help. Try to take some action and help them.

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