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What is the healthy aroma of Miss V?


What is the healthy aroma of Miss V?

A healthy vagina sometimes has a certain distinctive aroma. Just like the armpit or leg that does have a distinctive aroma.

The distinctive aroma created in the vagina is influenced by various factors. The vaginal scent is a combination of normal bacteria in the vagina, food types of underwear panties, level of cleanliness, bathroom habits, and what is released by the gland.

"It's rather difficult to explain what a healthy vaginal scent is, but I can tell you what an unhealthy vaginal scent is," said Jane Minkin, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive science at Yale University School of Medicine.

One thing is certain, the healthy vagina does not smell like rotten fish or other rotten things.

"If the vagina has a possible bad smell of bacterial vaginosis, which is a sign of an imbalance between anaerobic bacteria that is too high to produce a foul odor," Mary said.

Vaginal pH Affects Aroma

Vaginal pH also affects vaginal odor. According to Sara Gottfried, Medical Director of the Gottfried Center for Integrative Medicine the vaginal odor changes when pH changes.

"Many women say that the vagina has a different odor after menstruation. The aroma of the vagina also changes after making love. Semen has a pH of about 8, so when making love there is a change in pH in the vagina," Sara said.

He also suggested not to clean the vagina using soap or using fragrance products in the intimate part. In fact, Sara said, it can make the scent of the vagina smell unpleasant.

The good news is that the vagina has the ability to cleanse itself. If you feel something in the vagina, for example, a scent that changes, consult your doctor.

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