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My stress management techniques


stress management techniques
The number of jobs, responsibilities, and problems faced daily can make us feel stressed. Can we not feel stress in one day? Plus, many people underestimate mental health. Stress may affect our mental health, stress might affect a lot of things that we actually didn't realize.

In fact, disturbing mental conditions can also cause illness and may lead to depression. Just because of this "stress", it already makes our life feel miserable.

However, thank god that stress management exists. Although it doesn't eliminate our stress forever, at least we can release the tension little by little.

How do I manage my stress? 

stress management techniques

1. Interact with Pets 

I have a cat and a dog. Both pets are also used as therapy animals to meet basic human needs. Seeing my cat running around actively always hype me and my dog always seems happy whenever he sees me. I left home for 3 hours, and my dog greets me as if he hasn't met me in 3 years.

Caring for animals is one way to relieve stress. Not only relieving stress, but also a good companion for us. Having a pet never makes me feel lonely. I always have something to look forward to them. 

Interacting not only by petting their head but also by talking to them. They do understand you! Except for my cat, I know she understands me, but most of the time she ignores me. Unlike my dog, he listened to me and always follow me around. It's like my guardian angel.

Everyone of course has their different option for raising their pets. Some are birds, turtles, or fish. It's up to you, all animals are loved.

2. Talk to someone

I am lucky to have few friends that I can trust because when I feel unbearable stress I usually tell my friends about how I felt. Some might give me support, try to help, some make jokes about my stress. It's okay to make jokes, as long as it makes me laugh.

However, the internet is easy to access. Why don't we try to talk with strangers, or someone from other regions, someone you met online? Just think like this, you join into a Facebook group that talk about stress, and find someone there that are looking for a friend to chat.

There are tons of people there, that are looking for someone to talk to. Why talking to strangers on the internet? Because, why not? Because you don't know me and I also do not know anything about you. Well, we couldn't judge each other. We are here to talk, not for judging.

That is why sometimes it's good talking with strangers rather than with someone we knew. That someone we knew might bring up our past as if we never changed. Believe me or not, people on the internet will build each other up rather than crashing us down. Why don't you give it a try?

stress management techniques

3. Playing Games

Another way to relieve stress that I do is playing games. I used to play online RPG games with my sister, but playing games took a lot of my time. Then I had to stop. Games are a good way to relieve your stress, but you need to choose the right game. Just play a chill game, that doesn't make you stress.

Maybe a board game? It's your call, choosing a game that is not easy for you to lose. At least you can forget about your stress while playing games, right?

Referring to number two, you can also play online games; where you can talk to someone while completing an in-game quest. Whoever said that gamers are "forever alone" person, has probably never played an online game before. Oh, and sometimes, the friends you met in online games, might become your real-life friends too!

4. Rest and sleep

I usually took my rest more time than the other. I lay on my bed from 7pm until I fell asleep at 10pm. That's me laying down for 3 hours. But, I actually do a lot of other stuff rather than sleeping. I mostly arrange cloth to sell online through social media.

I have an online thrift store clothing, so I have a lot of stuff to think about rather than my problem. So resting would really help me, to be more productive the next day, in addition to my mind being fresher. 

When you feel stress, try to rest. Stress leads to tiredness, that's why we feel like sleeping. If we think too much, then the stress will overpower us. You in control of your body, not the emotion. 

stress management techniques

5. Avoid Smartphones and Social Media

It's okay to not playing smartphones or social media, we can enjoy nature stuff out there. Most of us feel stress due to our insecurity. How does social media make you feel insecure? Maybe you see your friend traveling around the world, some friend updates their photo eating at a 5-star restaurant. Then you suddenly have a thought, why can't I be like them?

Why are there seem so happy? Why they have a lot of money? They look happy in the photo. We sometimes update some of our photos for memory purposes on social media. We show you, what we wanted you all to see. But did you see our feeling by looking through those photos?

As an example, she was eating at a 5-star restaurant, but she was also thinking about how all the food is not that good and she wastes a lot of money there. 

We will never be happy if we always compare ourselves with other people. I always told myself this, "Be easy on yourself". Sometimes I treat myself too hard, that I begin to feel stress because

6. Make a habit of smiling and being grateful

The attitude of gratitude will change our way of thinking. 

Even if you could not smile, just smile. Fake it, until you make it. Smiling can trick your brain into happiness. Try to think of 3 stuff that you thought you should be happy and grateful for; do this more often it helps your mind to remain calm and the body release stress naturally.

There are a lot of things we can be grateful for; such as we woke up this morning. We still have a healthy body and a peaceful mind. Think of all the little things that we do today, smile, and be grateful that we are still alive.

stress management techniques

7. Do activities that may eliminate overthinking

After I begin my online thrift store cloth, my mind focuses on business more rather than my own problem. I need to sell this, I need to promote my business daily, I need to do this and do that.

It feels stressful a bit, but feedback from a happy customer is really worth it. It is a reward for my hard work. 

Maybe you love to write, then you can express your feeling through writing. It will release your tension little by little. My point is, never sitting, and thinking about stressful stuff.

Here are 7 ways on my stress management techniques. Try the above tips for better mental health and lifestyle. However, if you felt like your mental health getting worse, do not hesitate to consult a psychiatrist to get proper treatment, and avoid the impact of more serious mental disorders. You matter and you are loved.

The best solution for someone who hates eating vegetable

I remember the first blog post I wrote about the health benefits or pros and cons of consuming Liquid Chlorophyll. If I'm not mistaken, I published it in 2019? It's been a year apart, and you will never know how much I miss drinking Liquid Chlorophyll.

green drink liqiud chlorophyll

No, it is not delicious. It just tastes like the green color. Hmm, or like the green raw vegetable taste. Can you imagine how it tastes like? However, drinking it ice cold is so refreshing! Never drink it with hot water as it was not recommended. Always drink in cold/ice or room temperature. I bought it at an online shop Shopee. Plus, I fulfilled the requirement to earn a free shipping voucher for buying one bottle of liquid chlorophyll. Of course, it is a good deal for me.

The reason why I didn't buy it earlier is that I thought the price is high. Because the last thing I remember, someone sells it at MYR60. However, I only bought it online for MYR22 + Free Shipping! Both have the same bottle type, the same amount of liquid but different brands. Sounds like a good deal right? It is a great deal! 

Once I received my parcel, I directly mix a bottle cap of liquid chlorophyll into my 250ml of cold water—a bottle cap of liquid chlorophyll equivalence with 2 kilos of vegetables. I mean, like, can you eat 2kilos of vegetables in a day? For someone like me who hates to eats green, this might be the best way to deal with this problem.

healthy green drink liquid chlorophyll

So if you know anyone who hates to eat a vegetable, try to introduce them to Liquid Chlorophyll. Although it doesn't have good taste, we can always be creative to add it to our dessert or drink. Just try to make sure that the chlorophyll taste goes well with your dessert/drink. As an example, try adding it to an Ice blend fruit drink. You can add half of the bottle cap is good enough. 

Do not add too much of it, as we don't want the chlorophyll taste to overpower the dessert's deliciousness. Me daily, I drank almost 3 liters of water. First bottle 1500ml, I add 1 1/2 bottle caps of chlorophyll and mix well. Then I will do the same for my second bottle, which is another 1500ml. If you already made that drink in the morning, try to finish it before evening as drink fresh is always better. 

Also, do not let your drink expose to heat or direct sunlight.

The reason I said this is because, last time, I made this chlorophyll drink and forgot to keep it in the fridge. It was exposed to direct sunlight and heat, causing my chlorophyll to turn into greyish or yellowish-green. Fresh chlorophyll color is dark green, just like vegetables, when the vegetables are exposed to sunlight or direct heat for a long time, causing it to turn color. So once you open the bottle caps of Liquid Chlorophyll, always keep it cool in the fridge to maintain the product's quality.

healthy green drink liquid chlorophyll

Okay, but if you have a friend who likes to eat vegetables. Do you think that he or she can drink chlorophyll and fall in love with the taste? Of course not... I give my friend a try, and she hates it. She said that it tastes like green or moss. Not sure if she ever tries to eat a moss before, but, okay.

So, if you know someone who hates vegetables or this green color stuff. Let them try this healthy green drink liquid chlorophyll. Do let me know the result if she/he would drink it rather than eating the vegetable.

If you're interested, check out this Liquid Chlorophyll that I recently bought. 

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