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Product Review: Nutrivx Stevia, Natural Sweetener


Disclaimer: Nutrivx didn't paid me to do a review, this is just my honest opinion on this product.

We need to drink water daily, 3.7 litres for men and 2.7 litres for women. Is it easy to drink? Of course, it is easy, but let's be honest.

I can't drink 2.7 litres of water daily. I work in an office, I don't sweat a lot, since most of the time we use aircon.

Plus, plain water doesn't taste like anything. Don't you feel like wanna puke when drinking too much water? It's just tasteless; I wish we could drink mango juice daily. But it is not suitable for our body. 

But somehow, God listened to my thought. One day, my sister brought this Nutrivx Stevia; it has plenty of flavours. Such as berry, mango, honeydew, cola, mixed berry and the original. She said this Stevia is a sugar substitute.

I tasted all of it, and my favourite is mango. The cola is pleasant, too; it does taste like cola but without the gas. I mean like, it tastes like a healthy cola. 

Nutrivx Stevia Mango

Doesn't it look cute? It's just a 10ml small bottle. 

Stevia Nutrivx ingredient

The instruction said to put 2 or 3 drops of Stevia into 500ml water. For me, it doest taste sweet enough, or doesn't really have that 'mango' taste that we want. So sometime I just use like 10 drops into it, which might be too sweet for you. But it's 'sometime', mostly only 6-7 drop. as long as I have that mango taste, then I feel satisfied.

However, someone who does a medical review monthly should consult with someone professional before adding something to their diet. 

Stevia Nutrivx Nutrition Information

As stated in the image, it contains 0 calories! Someone who counts their calories daily might want to add Stevia into their diet. Drinking something sweet might help with your craving.

This product really helps me to drink water. Water hits different when you use Stevia with mango flavour!

I only have this Mango flavour since it was my favourite. As stated in the box, it is a natural sweetener. You can purchase the original, which doesn't have any flavour. Then add into your coffee, milo or anything, without sugar, just Nutrivx Stevia. 

Lastly, this is just my thought about this product, always consult with your doctor before changing your diet. 

Stevia is a good sugar alternative and great for making tasteless water taste great.

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