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Sharing some bizarre health tips or just normal health tips that people usually do


Healthy Mindset

I believe in an alternative way of being healthy. Changing your mindset that being healthy doesn't need a lot of money. Nature gave us the benefit of being healthy and its time for us to share it with everyone. 

It's not "you should buy this medicine", "you need this drug, it's good for you".

But its way more to "here some choices for you that are natural, no additive and you may see it around but you are not aware of the thing".


Health comes from happiness

Always have an attitude of gratitude

Health Supplement Review

So I did make a review base on my experience on consuming health supplement. Also, I did write about the health benefit of it. 

Maybe you are one of the people who would like to consume it but are afraid if there's a side effect. Then this post is made for you

I didn't get paid to make a review. This post is my honest feedback. Hope it will help you! 

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